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These FAQ’s aim to answer any questions you have about joining the Tesla or playing on our sim. The FAQ’s also make up the rules for the Tesla. It is important to read and understand this page before applying.

How old do I need to be to join?
Due to our age rating the Tesla can not accept any players under the age of 15 on our sim or Discord channel. While we appreciate this may be disappointing, our content may not be suitable for people under the age of 15. We would hate to cause anyone distress because they have read content they weren’t prepared for.

Do I need any experience to join?
You don't need any experience to join. The Tesla is open to everyone who wants to try writing in the Star Trek universe. We have made sure the Tesla is accessible regardless of your level of ability and knowledge of Trek lore. There are instructional guides available in the database as well as In-Character information pages to help fill in any gaps. We can also offer you an academy course for new players if you would like extra help.

Do you allow custom alien races?
Yes we do. As long they're realistic and well thought out. Also keep in mind that races like Q, full Androids or Species 8472 like creatures are banned by the fleet. In addition to a personal character profile we'd also ask you to do a small write up on the alien race so we can include it in our database. When you start working on this, join us on Discord and we can have a chat about your new race.

Can I play a position that isn't on the manifest?
Yes you can! The Tesla is a constantly evolving sim and we might not have captured all the possible roles for a first responder. As long as the position fits the overall all style and theme of the sim it will be considered. Jump on Discord, tell us what position you're interested in playing, and the Command Team will help you make your dreams a reality!

What are your activity requirements?
We ask that all players try to contribute 1,000 of content or 2 standard OF Posts every month. This can be split over multiple posts, joint posts or personal logs. However, we also know Real Life can be demanding and sometimes it can be difficult to write. Especially if you're tired and/or stressed. All we ask is you let us know that you can't be active. This is really important because you're writing with other people, and sometimes they might be waiting on your input. It's okay to be honest with us about why you need a break even if it's just: "I'm not feeling it right now".

What's a joint post and how do I write one?
A joint post is a piece of writing between two or more players or sometimes the whole sim! These are done on Nova or Google Doc's. You write from your characters perspective adding content and then 'tagging' the next player on Discord asking them to add their content. We ask that all players respond to tags in a timely manner. We also ask that any additions you make to joint posts are at least one paragraph in length (about 50 words). This gives other players more to respond to and helps joint posts to flow better and wrap up faster. It is more important than ever for you to let us know you can't be active if you're involved in a joint post.

What is an OF Standard Post and how does it affect my activity?
OF (ObsidianFleet) have decided that one post is 500 words of content. So if you create a piece of content 500 words long that would be a standard OF Post. When your post is published it will have a word count at the top. We take your activity from this word count. If you have published 1 piece of content of 1,500 words we would count that as 3 Standard OF Posts. Or if you published 4 pieces of content 250 words each we would count that as 2 Standard OF Posts. To meet our activity requirements for the month you need to post 1,000 words of content a month which can be split over multiple posts. If you have been in a joint post the word count will be divided equally among all the players who wrote the post. For example in a joint post of 1,000 words written by two players it would count for one post each. Or in a joint post of 1,000 words written by four players it would count for 0.5 posts each. Posts are counted on the 27th of each month excluding February which is counted on the 24th.

What happens when I can't participate or need a break?
If you need a break, can't post or can't be as active as is expected, just let us know! We understand Real Life is a thing, and everyone needs a break from time to time. We can play around your character (or find a different solution). Please tell us how long you think you'll need to be away and we'll set that up on the system for you. Depending on the length of your leave, where we are in the story, and any outstanding posts we may need to use an NPC to cover your role until you return.

What happens when I come back from a break?
Welcome back! The system will be changed to show your active again and you can begin posting at your convenience.

I need a change, can I play a different character or in a different position? Yes, all you need to do is ask! We'll work with you to make the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What kind of community can I expect on the Tesla?
We want everyone to feel comfortable, included and valued. Everyone's welcome here regardless of culture, race, gender and sexual orientation. We're all here to write, have fun and make friends. Friendly discussion and sharing of ideas and stories are encouraged. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, or abuse of any kind.

What is Discord? Do I need to have it to play?
Discord is a messaging/chat room app for iOS, Android and desktop that allows us to communicate in real time. We ask that anyone who applies for or plays on the Tesla has Discord. This is because all of our Out of Character News and community happens on Discord. Future versions of the software the Teslas website runs on will not automatically email players with news items and updates, in future we will rely more and more on Discord to share news and updates.

What is Moderation and how does it work?
Moderation is a tool available on Nova that allows the Command Team to read posts before they appear on the website. We may use this feature to assist players who are finding the age rating difficult or would like a second opinion on their posts before submitting them.

What happens if I break the Tesla FAQ’s or Fleet rules?
The Command Team will reach out to you to discuss what's happened and how we moved forward.

Why haven’t I been allowed to apply or join the Tesla’s Discord server?
To apply for the Tesla you must be over 15 years of age and have no current bans from any other sim in the Fleet (Obsidian Fleet). If you disagree with the Command Teams decision not to allow your application you may DM us on Discord or fill out a contact form on our website in the first instance.

If you have any further questions that aren't listed here, please feel free to join us on Discord. We'll be happy to answer any and all other questions you have.

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