Samaritan Class Starship

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Samaritan Class

Role: Medical Support Cruiser
Decks: 20
Duration: 100 years
Refit:15 years


Officers: 40
Enlisted: 120
Casualties: 60


Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.975

Defensive Systems

Ablative Armour
Auto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Regenerative Shielding
Eight Point defence phasers


Four Type IX phaser arrays

Class History

First deployed in 2383 the Samaritan class began production as a supplement to the larger and slower hospital ships in use by Starfleet.

The initial concept of the Samaritan class was approved following heavy losses of the Olympic class during the second Klingon War and the Dominion War.

While well equipped the Olympic was often too slow and not shielded well enough to survive in combat areas. To address these shortcomings a design brief was laid out for a smaller and better armoured support ship that could survive in hostile areas of space.

While several designs looked promising the clear winner was the Samaritan class. While not capable of taking as many patients it was smaller and more maneuverable than the larger Olympic class. Equipped with shields and armour usually reserved for combat and exploration vessels the Samaritan was built to take a pounding. The only trade off was the heavy use of defensive systems limited the amount of offensive weapons the ship could carry. Starfleet designers did not see this as a problem as the Samaritan class ships would have an escort for most of their missions.

The first batch of Samaritan class ships was assigned to assist with the relief efforts in Romulan space. They proved well shielded against the radioactive fallout from the stars supernova as well as hostile actions from enemy ships.

Given their robust nature and advanced medical capabilities they have since seen an uplift in production and rapid deployment throughout the Federation.

They are often seen working as part of a small Task Force as a hospital ship or working as an evacuation craft ferrying casualties from an incident to a starbase.

Known Ships

USS Samaritan NCC 8001
USS Pasteur NCC 8002
USS Kellogg NCC 8003
USS Lister NCC 8004

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