USS Tesla Player Charter

Created by Lieutenant Commander Tevek on Sat Dec 19th, 2020 @ 8:18pm

This charter is a document created and agreed on by the players and command team on the Tesla. It sets out our values and culture as well as our commitments to the sim and each other.

The Tesla is an inclusive sim. It is our aim to create a safe, friendly, and creative environment for people of all ages, genders, races, political views, and orientations.
We respect each other and value each others' characters, posts, and contributions providing constructive feedback in an honest and open manner.
We support each other to grow as characters and writers, offering encouragement and support where possible.
We believe in honest, open, and respectful communication in all things. Every conversation on the sim should be treated in confidence.
No person or player should be left behind. There should be as much posting as a player can handle with the ability to take breaks if needed.

To remain as active as possible posting 1,000 words per month.
To be honest when we can't be active and inform the command team.
To support each other to stay active and involved.
To ask for help if we need it and raise any concerns in confidence.
To resolve any disputes calmly at the first point of contact and escalate any unresolved concerns in full confidentiality whether that be on the sim or in the fleet at large.
To support the command team and each other.
To Keep the sim as fun and inclusive as possible.
Political and religious discussions are to be kept to the in-character universe where possible and should reflect in-character governments and cultures.
To celebrate each other's successes.

To provide a safe and fun environment for players.
To provide fun and inclusive missions.
To support our players to develop in and out of character.
To listen to our players and respect their ideas and concerns.
To respond to all posts and communications in a timely manner.
To support our players to post and be involved in all aspects of the sim.
To reward the success of our players and give constructive feedback.
To work as part of a team to improve the quality of the sim and answer concerns.
To provide a fair and balanced application service for new players.

All active players and members of the command team for the Tesla in December 2020 have had the opportunity to add to or amend the details in this charter prior to our signing first signature on December 22 2020.

After publishing the charter will be periodically reviewed and amended with the consent of the sims active population at the time.

By signing the charter the player is confirming they will abide by the outlined values and responsibilities. Members of the command team who sign the charter confirm they will abide by the outlined values and abide by both player and command responsibilities.

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