15+ or 2/2/2 rating explained

Created by Lieutenant Commander Tevek on Sun Nov 8th, 2020 @ 4:26pm

The Tesla is a 15+ or 2/2/2 rated sim as of November 2020. This means we will not allow anyone under the age of 15 years of age to join our sim or participate in our Discord.

As part of our higher age rating posts may contain more graphic and descriptive language and focus on more mature themes. This can include violence, bad language, scenes of a sexual nature and adult topics such as torture, racism, slavery, genocide and abuse. We may also feature content that may be upsetting to younger readers such as posts regarding medical procedures, imprisonment and isolation.

Although we allow more adult content we expect all players to use their best judgement and keep their posts tasteful. The command team reserves the right to moderate, edit or takedown any posts that are considered too graphic, disturbing or intended to cause distress.

If your post falls within the scope of this guidance but may still be upsetting for some readers we ask that your post contains a warning graphic.

If you are unsure if your content is in good taste or breaks the spirit of this guide please tag ‘@Command Team’ on our Discords 'post help' channel before posting. A member of the command team will read over your post. They will then either approve your post, suggest edits or offer to joint post with you. We may approve the post but request a warning graphic is added.

Use of language
'Swearing is permitted with some limitations.'

We allow the use of swear words and bad language. However this is not carte blanche to use bad language at every available opportunity.

For example during battles, tense or stressful periods and emotional situations it is natural that some characters will want to swear. In these scenarios dropping the odd couple of swear words is permitted.

It is not permitted to use swear words or bad language where they would not naturally occur in the dialog.

If your character is swearing in a foreign or alien language we do not require translations and they should not be included. Especially if the translation is for a derogatory, sexist or racist remark.

Sexual Content
'Sexual content is permitted with some limitations.'

Players are permitted to allude to sex and sexual encounters. The description of emotions and circumstances surrounding sexual acts is also permitted and should be in good taste.

Graphic descriptions of sex acts are not allowed. Descriptions of violent sexual acts or traumatising sexual acts are not allowed under any circumstances.

Violent Content
'Violent content is permitted with some limitations.'

Players may describe fights, scenes of torture, cruelty and abuse in limited detail.

These posts should not be graphic! Gore and descriptions of violent acts should be as tasteful as possible focusing on the emotional and psychological outcomes.

Warning Graphics
If your post contains scenes that may be 'triggering' or upsetting to some readers you should include the below warning graphic at the top of your post with a brief description of the scene. The HTML code for this warning can be found in our post format guide.

The following scenarios require a warning.
Domestic Violence
Child abuse/Child cruelty
Sexual assault, violent sex scenes
Rape and traumatic crimes
Still births or loss of a child
Loss of a loved one due to illness

This list is not exhaustive if you feel your post should come with a warning please go on the side of caution and add the warning or ask @Command Team to read the post for advice.

This post contains a scenario involving XXXXX that may be considered upsetting to some people. Readers Discretion is advised!

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