New Sydney Colony

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New Sydney is the primary inhabited planet in the Sappora system, an M-class planet and an independent planetary system located outside of Federation space. New Sydney is a mining facility and trading outpost. It is heavily visited and inhabited by a variety of species including Orions, Trill, Humans, Ferengi and Nausicaans. This plethora of species and melting pot of cultures has created an underworld of crime and criminal activity.

Due to an economic downturn following the Dominion War New Sydney suffered from widespread poverty, hunger, homelessness and massive levels of pollution. The Borg invasion of 2381 compounded the issues for New Sydney and its outlying colonies and installations as many of them saw an influx of refugees and further economic ruin.

Desperate for an end to the problems blighting the planet New Sydney applied for Federation membership in 2387. While their application was initially declined due to the planet's criminal past they were granted protectorate status in 2389. This status granted a level of economic relief and Federation support in the area. In 2390 Starfleet were charged with leading relief efforts in the Sappora system, to mark their presence and establish command and control a new Starbase and fleet yard were quickly constructed in orbit of New Sydney. In early 2395 Starbase Gibraltar and the New Sydney Ship Yards came online offering jobs and greater economic stability to the region.

As a protectorate of the Federation New Sydney enjoys economic relief, military protection and enhanced trade with the Federation in exchange for complying with certain Federation laws and maintaining a free democratic charter. With them not having full member status they maintain their own government and local militia. As a result New Sydneys government and police deal with their own internal affairs and do not fall under the jurisdiction of Starfleet.

While Starfleet has no jurisdiction over the planet's surface, Starbase Gibraltar is positioned in orbit acting as a base of operations for the Orion sector and also to monitor planetary activity which may impact Federation operations. New Sydney has its own law enforcement agency, the New Sydney Police (NSP), whose control extends to the other planets in the system. Starfleet and the NSP have an uneasy truce with Starfleet and the Federation restricting planetary operations and the NSP limiting its activity near Starbase Gibraltar and any Federation installations.

New Sydney
Once a polluted and over crowded planet riddled with crime and corruption New Sydney is now a clean world and a developing metropolitan colony that attracts fair trade, artists and scientists from Romulan, Klingon and Federation space. It stands as a symbol of compromise and co-operation in the modern universe and how autonomous states can maintain their independence while enjoying the benefits of working alongside the Federation.

On the planet surface there are several new installations that attract visitors from across the Federation: Sappora Conference and Exhibition Centre, New Orion Science and Engineering Academy and the Federation Consulate.

Despite these new facilities and much of the planets pollution being cleaned up there remains some underprivileged areas of the planet where a large criminal element exists. The planet also still suffers from organised crime and corruption in its bustling casino and pleasure industries.

New Sydney Ship Yards
The New Sydney Ship Yards are a joint operation between the Federation, the Ferengi and the NSP to maintain all vessels operating in the system. Many civilian vessels dock here to avoid customs controls at Starbase Gibraltar. While the Fleet Yards are predominantly neutral territory for all players in the Sapporo system, whoever controls them has significant power across New Sydney.

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