Alert Conditions

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Aboard StarFleet vessels and outposts a series of colour coded, and generally named, alert signals are used, usually by the ship's computer or internal communications systems.

Here you can read up on the different signals used aboard the Tesla and find out general information such as where to go and what do do during a particular state of alert.

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Red Alert   A Red Alert (also Condition Red or Code Red) is the highest alert status on StarFleet vessels, one stage above a yellow alert. In this status, weapons systems and shields are brought to full power, as the ship prepares for combat. Red alert is also ordered during various other emergency situations, such as a ship being boarded, radiation exposure, a security alert, massive systems failure, an imminent warp core breach, and an evacuation order among others. During a red alert, lights are dimmed, alarms blare, and computer terminals show constant red graphics.

A red alert may either be activated manually by the Commanding Officer or the officer in charge, or automatically (when a ship is attacked, enters a dangerous area, etc). The raising of shields automatically triggers a red alert.
Yellow Alert   A Yellow Alert or Condition Yellow is the second highest alert status on StarFleet vessels, one stage below red alert and one stage above a condition green. It designates a ship-wide state of increased preparedness for possible crisis situations.

In this status, a ship's defense fields are energized, and/or the deflector shields are brought to full power, however the weapons systems remain off-line. Depending on the situation, the captain may order a reduction in the closing speed between itself and any potential incoming threats.

A yellow alert may either be activated manually by the commanding officer in preparation for a tactical or environmentally hazardous situation, or automatically upon detection of unknown or hostile spacecraft, or upon detection of certain system malfunctions. If the situation escalates, the commanding officer or the main computer will order a red alert.
Blue Alert   Blue Alert (also Code Blue or Condition Blue) is an alert status on StarFleet vessels and outposts which is called for in exceptional situations, ranging from environmental hazards to the crew, to docking and separation maneuvers and landing protocols, for ships with the capability.

In the event of an imminent environmental systems failure or disruption, blue alert is called in order to help affected personnel escape or safeguard their lives.

On a vessel with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, such as the Tesla, blue alert is called during prolonged periods of Slipstream flight. The crew would need to report to code blue stations to prepare for use of the Slipstream Drive.
Condition Green   Condition Green refers to the normal operating condition of a starship.


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