Cardassian Union

Created by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 2:13pm

The Cardassian Union is an interstellar political entity in the Alpha Quadrant. Until the 2370s, it was run by the civilian Detapa Council, a powerless entity which approved the demands of the military Central Command. In 2373, the rogue military commander Skrain Dukat seized power and allied the state with the Dominion. Following the Dominion War and the period known as "the Fire", in which eight-hundred million cardassians were slaughtered and numerous more died, the Union developed under Alon Ghemor and his successors into a representative democracy led by a Castellan with a parliamentary assembly. The union was based on planet Cardassia Prime, with the centre of the union Cardassia City.

In the aftermath of the Dominion War and the period known as "the Fire", a democratic government was established, first headed by Alon Ghemor before his assassination.

A major aid effort was enacted to reconstruct the union, named Allied Reconstruction Forces (sometimes HARF), and it supported the new progressive democracy. By 2385, HARF left Cardassia in the face of positive reconstruction. That year, in the face, however, of potential backsliding to militaristic governance, the former protege of Enabrain Tain, war hero and ally of both Corot Damar and Alon Ghemor, Elim Garak, was elected castellan.

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