Executive Officer and Command Applications

Created by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 1:13pm

If you're reading this page you may be considering playing the role of Executive Officer or one of the roles that makes up the command department on the Tesla. It's great that you would like to take on such a prestigious position for your character. But before you apply it's important you consider few points.

Being the Executive Officer, would make you my number one. Which means I may need to rely on you a little more than other players. The same can be said for Second Officer and the Chief of the Boat as they are in the Command Department and can be asked to fill in.

As a member of the command team I may ask you to pick up extra responsibilities from time to time. I will also need you to post regularly and keep others posting by moving the plot along.

With this in mind I made the decision to not actively seek an Executive Officer or command team and promote from within after getting to know the players on the Tesla. If you make a standalone an application for the command team it will still be reviewed. However you will be asked additional questions over Discord before accepting or declining the application.

So you have the opportunity to prepare for your 'interview' here are the questions I will ask:

    Other than Executive Officer/2nd Officer/CoB what positions would you consider playing?
    If I was to give you some OOC tasks (e.g. Issuing monthly awards)What would you feel comfortable doing?
    What do kind of stories would you like to tell on the Tesla?
    What have you enjoyed most as a player?
    Do you have someone I could speak to about your application?

There are no right or wrong answers to theese questions, please answer honestly. These questions are here to give me a better picture of you as a player and person.

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