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Created by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 1:12pm

When posting on the Tesla we ask that you do these few things to keep our posts easy to read and consistent.

A clean intro and exit
Please start and end your posts with a line break. This is done by starting a new line and inserting the code < hr >. If you don't have any spaces in the brackets this will create a line. There should be no OOC comments on posts. These should be saved for Discord.

A relevant and enticing title
Your post should have a title that is relevant and invites the reader in. An example would be 'Sudden Shocks'. If you are writing a personal log your title should indicate that. An example would be 'Personal Log - A Strange Voyage'

Time Stamp and Location
All posts should be have the start location clearly marked. The wider location goes first followed by a specific location. e.g. USS Tesla - Captains Quarters. Time Stamps tell us where the posts fits in to the story. We use three time stamps on the Tesla. The first is 'Current' for posts that follow on directly from the last post. The second is 'Meanwhile' for posts that happen at the same time as the last post. 'Before X' This is used when your post happens earlier in the story. X is replaced with the title of the post that should come immediately after yours.

A Content Warning
If your post contains a scenario that describes upsetting events mentioned in our ratings guide you will need to include the below warning. You need to replace the XXX's with a brief description of the scenario. e.g. 'Violent Crime'. The code used for this warning will add 30 words to your word count. You should make sure your post is 500 words plus before adding the code or is a minimum of 530 words after adding the code.

This post contains a scenario involving XXXXX that may be considered upsetting to some people. Readers Discretion is advised!

To add this warning please use the following code eliminating any spaces between the < and > brackets and the text. e.g.

< hr >

< center >< img src="" >
< br >< i >This post contains a scenario involving XXXXX that may be considered upsetting to some people. Readers Discretion is advised!< /i >< /center >

< hr >

Personal Logs
Personal Logs should always start with the line: 'Personal Log Name and Rank recording'. Personal logs should now be posted in mission threads to take advantage of the word count feature. Also in the next version of Nova Personal log threads won't be there. So they need to be on mission threads so they migrate across.

Change of location
Some times in a post you need to change location half way through. If this happens you can add a new location. This is done by adding a fresh line with the line code < hr > putting your new location in bold text and then adding another fresh line. Your post can then continue. An example can be seen here:

< hr >
< b > Location: USS Tesla, Main Bridge< /b >
< hr >

That code will look like this when you post:

Location: USS Tesla, Main Bridge

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