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Created by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 1:10pm

We'll go through the form step by step. But before we do so, some general tips in regards to the application:
1. Always keep a back up! Make a back up before hitting submit, you don't want to lose your well crafted character to a computer glitch.
2. Make a good first impression This is your chance to showcase your writing skills and creativity. Be sure you make a good first impression! Double check your spelling and grammar before submitting the application!
3. Leave irrelevant fields empty Any field that's not mandatory and left unfilled won't show up in your character's bio, so don't write 'Not Applicable' or something along those lines in any of the fields you have no information for, simply leave them blank.
4. Leave Administrative Information and Awards Blank These sections are for the Tesla's command team to complete. If your application is successful then administrative information will be completed by one of our command team when they activate your account. Ribbon images will be added to the award section as you earn them.
5. Abide by the rules All applications should abide by the rules set forth by Obsidian Fleet in general and the FAQ's of the USS Tesla specifically.

Step 1: User Information

This is a place for your personal information, the writer behind the character.
Name - Please enter your real name or writer pseudonym.
Email Address - The email address on which we can reach you to tell you whether or not the application was accepted. This email address will also be used to send you notifications of new posts, private messages or updates to unfinished joint post.
Password - Set a secure password you can use to log back into the web site once your application is accepted.
Date of Birth - We want to be sure you're abiding by the age restrictions (and also when to give you virtual cake).
Instant Messenger(s) - Put each IM handle on its own line and specify what messaging system it is for.

Step 2: Character Biography

This is your main player character, it your chance to shine and make a good impression with a detailed and well rounded character. You should try to include as much information as possible to give us the best picture of your character and show us why you are right for the role you're applying for. If you need extra tips here is our advice page for creating a player character on the Tesla. If you are still stuck you can ask the command team for help on discord using the tag @Command Team. We will work with you to create a bio that you love!

Step 3: Sample Post

Apart from the instructions listed on the page there's not much else to it. Write us a post from the perspective of your newly created character. Feel free to take some liberties with the scenarios and story line to show off your writing skills. For guidelines on the formatting, please check this page on Formatting.

What to expect after hitting Submit

You will receive a reply from the Sim Management Team within 7 days of your application. With a Yes or No. If we think it may take longer to review your application we will tell you, we may also reach out for clarification on certain aspects of your application. We will ask you to add your character to Obsidian Fleets HQ (IFS2). The CO or XO will help you do this if you get stuck. As soon as you join the Tesla you have the potential to start earning awards. Our First Contact Badge and Tesla Level One Badge are designed for new joiners.
First Contact Badge

Tesla Level One

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