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Trial by Combat

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek

Mission: Q The Music!
Location: USS Tesla, Main Bridge
Timeline: Current/Meanwhile
1119 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

From the back of the bridge golden sparks rained from one of the bulkheads and white smoke plumed from the ceiling. Since Tevek gave the Malon his ultimatum they had wasted no time responding with a hail of torpedoes and spatial charges.

The Tesla rumbled as on the main viewer the bright blue pulsing light of a torpedo scraped their shields. Tevek lurched in his seat as the turbulence from the weapons fire tossed them like rag dolls. Tightly gripping the arm rests of the watch station to steady himself Tevek did a swift visual survey of the bridge. He was relieved to see any damage looked relatively cosmetic and though shaken his officers were unharmed.

It came as no surprise to Tevek that Q was absent. 'No doubt he disappeared as soon as the first shot was fired.' He thought but Tevek quickly came to the realisation an unstable element was gone from his bridge, he was free to command the Tesla, at least for now.

On the viewer the Malon freighter listed lazily to the left as it let out another volley of spatial charges.

Seeing the danger ahead Tevek began to issue orders. "Mister Prex evasive maneuvers." Tevek ordered loud and clear.

“Oh, I’d thought ya’d never ask, Cap,” Tozavel laughed brightly, hands moving smooth and steady over the controls adjusting them to give him a bit more power. “Alright, Tesla, let’s show ‘em what ya can do,” the pilot murmured fondly to the ship. Adrenaline thrummed through him, sharpening his senses and focusing his mind completely on executing his own brand of evasive maneuvers.

The Tesla barrel rolled to the side, Tevek clutched his stomach. Even with the inertial dampeners working and artificial gravity he could still feel the force of Tozavels maneuvers.

On the main view screen Tevek could see that they were now positioned along the freighters port side. While erratic Tozavels flying left them in the perfect position for an attack run.

The freighter may have been bigger and more heavily armed, but the Tesla was faster and more agile, not to mention she had a pilot who knew how to use every bit of that speed.

"Mr Prex, attack pattern Alpha. Mr Halstein standby phasers." Tevek ordered calmly.

“Aw, Cap, taking my fun away already,” the young trill said sullenly. Calculating where he needed to go Tozavel initiated another barrel roll with a bit more power behind it than previously, easily avoiding another attack and sliding the Tesla into optimal position.

Remmy manually locked targets on the ships Impulse and Warp engines, and anything that appeared to be a power conduit and diverted as much power as he could from the batteries. The first few shoots will hit hard.

"Engage!" Ordered Tevek in a loud clear voice.

The Tesla swooped and twisted executing a clean run Long the length of the freighter. As the ship skimmed the hull a battery of phaser fire arched and pulsed from the Tesla striking critical points along the freighters hull.

Pleased with the damage they had inflicted Tevek was able to relax a little in his seat. "Ensign Halstein what is their status?" Tevek enquired cooly. He wanted a swift end to the conflict, preferably with the Malons surrender but with the lives of the Marines to safeguard he was ready to land a fatal blow to their vessel if necessary.

"Impulse and warp are offline, they have taken several hits to their power grid and they are bleeding power. No breaches of the hull." As he watched his boards a notification pulsed, he poked at the notification square "Their shields just failed."

Tevek nodded solemnly. "Target their modified weapons and life support and hale them." He ordered cooly.

"Malon vessel your power grid is heavily damaged and we have targeted your critical systems." Tevek dictated in the direction of the main viewer. "I order your immediate surrender, if you do not comply I will be forced to destroy your ship." He concluded bluntly.

As Tevek finished speaking, the green energy of a Romulan disruptor beam bolted out from the freighter towards them. The Tesla rumbled as the disruptor discharge lit up their shields.

The bridge officers steadied themselves but the intensity of the blast was nowhere near as hard as the Malons Torpedoes. Tevek smirked slightly. "It appears we have an answer to our hale."

Rising from his seat Tevek looked ahead at the view screen. "Ensign Halstein, Quantum Torpedoes."

Remmy used pictograms for a number of systems, torpedoes was one such system. He pulled the image of the Photons he had loaded and replaced it with the Quantums the captain wanted. It took only a few seconds for the switch to happen but it felt like a life time. "Ready" he said at last.


No sooner had Tevek spoke than a string of white twinkling starbursts sprung from the Tesla and slammed into the dark bronze hull of the Malon freighter. The torpedoes impact to the freighters hull caused ferocious red and green explosions to spring up from the armour plating.

A terrible roaring sound of metal bending and buckling reverberated through the bridge as Tevek watched with a cold hard gaze as the Malon freighter began to come apart from its midsection. Finally the freighter folded in two and section by section was consumed by fire.

"Report." Tevek asked while he watched the freighter burn.

"I'm not seeing any transporter activity, and no ion trails from escape pods. I don't think anyone got off that ship"

Frowning slightly Tevek turned from the viewer. "Unfortunate. Without any survivors we won't know how they came to be in the Beta Quadrant." He remarked.

"Or will you?" Q's voice called out in an even baritone. Tevek glanced Round the bridge to see Q appear by the science station. "Miss Saliah if you please." He said pleasantly with a charming smile.

Saliah looked a little puzzled and diligently checked her station. "They weren't the only ones out there sir." She reported promptly. "Three more vessels are leaving the sector on an escape trajectory."

Q winked at Tevek. "If you want your answer, it's out there."

Tevek took his seat. "Mr Prex, pursuit course." He ordered cooly. "It's about time we solved this mystery.

As if Q had been expecting the captain to say that he clicked his fingers and disappeared with a flash. Remmy shock his head, "Captain..." he trailed off as he noticed that the captain was also gone. "Damn" he muttered, "Ensign Halstein to Lieutenants Vigil and Jaeger, it seems that Q had something in mind for the Captain, and has taken him away from the ship.


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