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Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 @ 7:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek

Mission: Q The Music!
Location: USS Tesla - Ready Room
Timeline: Current/Meanwhile
1660 words - 3.3 OF Standard Post Measure

The timing of hauling Alek in the ready room for a report was not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. But this past week had been anything but ideal! A day or two ago Alek had tried to pull Tevek aside for an urgent briefing, but at every turn either Q or their current mission had sidelined his efforts.

Tevek didn't know Alek well enough to know if the matter was truly urgent or just perceived as urgent. But either way he was about to find out. They had five minutes of peace and quiet with the Tesla holding position close to the USS Pasteur and it was time to find out what was on Aleks mind.

Striding efficiently over to his desk Tevek moved straight past Alek who had been waiting patiently while Tevek had arranged to have the bridge covered. Pulling out his office chair Tevek neatly sat down in a rigid and upright posture. "I apologise for taking this meeting so late Lieutenant." He said in dry Vulcan monotone. He gestured for Alek to sit. "But our mission has taken precedence, what did you have to report?" He asked politely resting his finger tips together in a delta shape.

Alek took the seat opposite Tevek and took a deep breath. "It took some doing, might have possibly ending a friendship and good contact, but I finally got access to the data file you requested." He motioned to the display terminal in the ready room. "May I?" without waiting for a response, he rose from his chair and pulled up the data file. "How well do you know Mr. Reyes sir?" Alek was trying to not sound too accusing to the Commander, but he needed to know where he stood for if he was indeed involved or knew something then there would be a problem.

'So it was urgent!' Tevek thought. His eyebrow quirked upwards in curiosity as Alek had clearly found something worth hiding if he needed to go to such extreme measures to get the file unlocked. Being part Human he understood how valued friendships could be and it concerned him that the quest for the truth may have cost Alek a friend. His logical Vulcan half was also concerned that a source of good intelligence could have been burned in the process as well.

Teveks eyes darted to the display terminal ready to take note of whatever was contained behind that solid lock that currently covered the text. "We served together during the Dominion War, he was an officer in my Task Group. We remained in touch, although his replies to my correspondence were sporadic at best." He said plainly as he reclined in his seat.

"Rest assured Lieutenant you may continue without incident or causing offence." Tevek added in the same unwavering tone. He wanted to reassure Alek he could speak candidly, a quality he expected from all his senior staff regardless of what may arise as a result.

Alek cleared his throat before continuing, "As you may already know, Mr. Reyes was the commanding officer of the Tesla before your current assignment. Everything in the file was reading as being alright until the Tesla is brought into Starbase Gibraltar, all of a sudden most of the crew is reassigned and Reyes goes missing." Alek's hands moved to bring up the information on the display as he spoke about each subject. He paused for a moment to allow the information that he had just dumped on the Commander to be processed before continuing. "It is after his arrival on Starbase Gibraltar that Reyes disappears suddenly without any trace. Now, looking back into the days just before his disappearance I found some transmissions between him and another individual. Normally these would not be any concerns, except for they were hidden in the ambient background interference of the Tesla's energy wake." This was the part of the report Alek did not want to have to go over. His fingers moved and brought up the last bit of information on the display before he continued, "It took some digging to decode the transmissions, but it looks like Commander Reyes was in secret talks with the Romulans sir."

"Intriguing." Tevek commented as he took stock of the information Alek had given him. While talking to the Romulans was not a crime in itself the method that Commander Reyes had chosen to use was certainly suspicious.

In the past Tevek often had to back channel with the Romulans. But the practice of communicating with the Romulans in this fashion was largely beginning to die out since their relations with the Federation had improved.

Teveks intelligence and investigative training began to kick in. He leaned forward and stroked his beard in thought. "I am to assume from the tone of your report that Mr Reyes had no reason to contact either the Free State or the Republic?" Tevek asked plainly. In the back of his mind he already knew the answer but it didn't hurt to ask. Already a picture was forming as to why this personnel file had been sealed.

Alek nodded, "It comes completely out of left field having had no previous contact or reasoning for the communications." Alek's fingers swiped the air bringing up a second display, "Here is where things get tricky," his fingers moving to zoom in on one particular section of the file, "To the untrained eye this would look as if everything I have said is true, but if we actually look at the frequencies used you will notice one discrepancy. The transmissions did not come from the Tesla, but rather Earth."

Teveks eyebrow raised slightly in surprise. "Intriguing and troubling." He commented. "If the Commander has turned defector, there is no telling what damage they could do." He said in a hard monotone. Tevek tilted back a little in his chair, his mind was trying to put all the pieces together but it couldn't. It was like trying to complete a Jigsaw without all the parts. He took a deep breath. "It is no wonder this file was sealed and Section 31 sent an operative." He stated whilst rising to his feet.

"I must apologise Lieutenant, it appears I have dragged you into a precarious situation." Tevek apologised with a sincere look in his otherwise emotionless eyes.

Alek gave Tevek and half smile, "No apologies necessary sir, it is all part of the job.

"Then may I ask if you will help me investigate further?" Tevek queried. "I have my suspicions that Commander Reyes may not be the one in the wrong. I'm also not entirely convinced we have seen the last of Section 31 on this ship." He added taking control of the monitor.

"Section 31 threatens the very foundations of the Federation, if there is anything I can do to knock them down a peg or two, count me in." Alek replied, realizing that this was probably one of the most dangerous actions he had taken so far in his career.

Tevek pulled up several personnel files on the monitor and displayed them in sequence. Each one had a brief overview next to the officers uniformed portrait, the second from the right was Remmy's profile. "Since my visitor the other night I reviewed our personnel records. These files had similar locks or strange discrepancies. I believe we may have a mole." He reported with a stoney composure

Alek studied the files for a moment before responding, "It has been a tactic they have used in the past, going all the way back to the NX-01 and with us having the QSD I could see them wanting an inside man on the ship." His mind began to work, linking the different points together. "We will have to play our cards close to the chest if we with to pursue this Captain. In my opinion no one outside this room can hear about this until we are ready to move."

Tevek nodded solemnly. "Agreed. For now we must maintain our normal working patterns interactions." He advised. Facing away from the monitor Tevek paced over to his desk and took out two standard issue data rods with no identifying ma. "For now Discretion is our best weapon." He commented as he returned to the monitor and inserted the data rods into two open ports.

"Computer transfer 50 percent of files 41 Baker and 29 Delta to each of the data rods and then erase from all terminals and memory cores." He ordered plainly.

The computer beeped and whistled. "Authorization required." It stated in its electrical monotone.

Tevek rolled his eyes a little. "Authorization Tevek Alpha 6 Lambda." He called out. The computers gave a few whirring and processing sounds before it beeped to life again. "Intelligence authorization required." It called out in the same drab voice.

"Authorization Jaeger Alpha 4 Kappa." Alek quickly responded.

"Confirmed, transfer complete." The computer finally replied. Promptly Tevek took the two rods and held one out towards Alek. "One each, they won't get the full picture without both." He stated plainly.

Alek reached out taking the rod, "I'll get to work on what I can find out. Luckily I was able to create a back door algorithm after I cracked the file on Reyes, so it will not be as difficult this time. Hopefully you are ok with a little off the books operation."

"As you may be aware this is not my first unofficial operation." Tevek remarked glibly. As he spoke the deck plate began to shake, although it was gentle at first it began to get progressively worse. Soon the ready room was filled with the sound of vibrating glass and ornaments. Tevek staggered to maintain his balance. "I believe we should get to the bridge!" He called out firmly above the noise.

Alek smiled, "I did not know that Vulcans had a sense of humor."

With that both men instinctively made their way towards the hatch for the bridge.


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