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Take your best shot, We're about to interfere!

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek & Ensign Tozavel Prex & Ensign Remmy Halstein & Captain Q & Master Warrant Officer Saliah

Mission: Q The Music!
Location: USS Tesla - Main Bridge
Timeline: Current
2766 words - 5.5 OF Standard Post Measure

The bridge was quiet, apart from the sounds of the consoles and a muted chatter between some stations there was an eerie feeling of anticipation on deck. Ensign Dratt had left to help in the transporter room leaving yet another Ensign in command. Having one young officer take the conn after another was not helping anyone's nerves.

Saliah drummed the tips of her long slender fingers against her console. As she tapped away Saliah carefully avoided hitting any of the controls, after all she didn't want to draw any attention to herself, or at least any extra attention. Even this day in age an Orion on the bridge of a Starfleet vessel was a rare sight, let alone a female Orion. At least on this ship she wasn't the only peculiarity, her gaze rested on Q who stood to attention by the helm. The Omnipotent being was paying close attention to the monitor and whatever was about to happen.

Out in space the green gasses that swirled around them seemed to thicken. The clouds grew denser and seemed to envelope the Pasteur. Curiously Saliah watched Q he seemed to nod along to events like he knew what was going to happen.

Nonchalantly Q looked round over his shoulder at Saliah. He gave her a grin and waved. Instantly Saliah blushed and looked away, she felt a little flutter in her chest at the attention. She hid her face behind her hand and turned her attention back to her console which now flashed with a purple alert light.

'About time!' She thought eagerly.
Sitting to attention her slender fingers rapidly worked the controls like a wave washing over the beach. "Ensign, I've got them." She called out happily in Remmys direction. "The away team have materialised on the Pasteur and Science is tracking life sign readings!" She reported in with a slight smile.

Remmy was at his station trying his best to continue the programming, of course it was not an active code, just yet. If he managed to get it working then he could increase the destructive output of the phasers without needing to draw any more power. There was risk though, he was more or less turning the emitter array into a pulse array. Meaning that he would shorten the length of the beam without shortening then duration. The effect would be more energy on target in a shorter amount of time.

At some point he had waved a holograthic chair into existence and planeted his ass, one elbow on the console his hand stroking his beard absentmindedly while he tapped and scrolled through his coding while glancing at the other screens arrayed around him. He had set up a number of alerts but he had decided not to close any of his normal screens.

Remmy looked up from his work, while he was in command of the bridge right now; a scary prospect for sure. He had decided he would avoid that center chair as often as he could but he also knew that he had to sit there in order to give the bridge crew the confidence, even if he didn't feel it himself. Getting to his feet he logged off his personal files and settings and allowed a duty officer to take his place and he made his way to the 'big chair'

"Good" he said once he had taken his place. "Any luck in cutting through the interference?" As the tactical chief he hated not knowing what was out there. Halstein had decided that he wouldn't ask Q for anything, this crew had to learn work together and solve problems before them with their technology and wits rather than relying on the god-like being. Although their history and their interaction with Earth through Human history had been interesting. Uncharacteristically this Q had remained somewhat close lipped about their part on history, though he had hinted his own involvement might have sparked the myth of the Norse Gods.

Saliah shook her head enthusiastically. "No sir, I can tell you they're over there but that's about it." She reported in an even professional tone. "He might be able to give us more information." She suggested a little reluctantly with a slight point of her head in Q's direction.

Instantly Q looked shocked. "Me!? Moi!?" He asked feigning surprise.

Remmy shrugged and glanced at Q as well. He had a feeling that Q would be somewhat reluctant to help.

Q Grinned. "Listen up Junior, I promised your Captain I would not interfere with ship operations." He stated indignantly folding his arms. "So I wont!" He added with a mischievous smile before turning his attention back to the view screen and its display of swirling green clouds that were getting bigger and denser. The Nebulous clouds were no longer thin wisps and the view of the Pasteur was becoming obscured.

"Just one free piece of advice though. You may want to hold on to something." Q said gently as he took hold of the back of Tozavels chair. No sooner had he spoke than the gasses on the view screen started to flash with patterns of light and the deck plate began to vibrate hard and fast. As the ship began to shake Saliah instinctively clutched the edges of her console and braced, she wanted to close her eyes tight but the astrometric sensors started to light up like the fourth of July. "Oh god!" She muttered. "Sir we need to change course now!" She yelled across the bridge.

"Mr. Prex, please dive below this phenomena then bring us back to the Pasteur." The first real test of his command ability. He had taken the bridge officers exam while at the academy, he had damn near begged his academy tutor to let him so he knew what he was doing. But he had zero real life experience and 'No plan survives contact with the enemy' came to mind.

Tozavel snickered at Q's antics, he couldn't help admiring the flair for dramatics the other had. It always made things more entertaining. Noting the advice given, the pilot made sure his feet were firmly planted, but otherwise kept himself completely relaxed. Turbulence had never really bothered him. Slumped in his chair charcoal eyes carefully watched the flashes of light on the view screen trying to predict where the next would be. Hearing Remmy’s order the pilot stayed lazily slouched in his seat for another few seconds before sitting up abruptly thinking, ‘Wait….Mr. Prex is me!’

"Yessir,” he called out giddily, hands flying to the controls. “Alright, Tesla, let’s get us where we need to be,” Tozavel murmured softly as he felt Tesla shudder more intensely as he started a steep dive. Extra care was taken to keep them on the course he’d chosen while keeping an eye out for any flashes of light. ‘Getting caught in one wouldn’t be good,’ he reasoned in his mind.

"Saliah" he said listening to the chief pilot, "Can you plot this" he gestured in the general direction of the view screen and the building storm. "I would really love to know what is happ..." he paused as an idea came to him. "Would a salvo of probes help you? Also would more power to the sensors help any?"

Braced firmly against her console Saliahs eyes flickered to the astrometric data displayed on her holographic HUD. "I don't think this is a storm!" She called out over the shaking sound of glass and metal. "The curves are all wrong!" She remarked, commenting on the energy readings she was getting.

"Then what is it?" Tevek asked bluntly as he emerged from the readyroom hatch. As the ship again shook violently Tevek steadied himself and carefully paced to mission ops and rested firmly against the console to keep himself upright.

"Some of the antimatter has been ignited. It's causing a chain reaction!" Salliah reported.

"What caused it?" Tevek asked just as bluntly while he tried to get a picture of what was going on.

Saliah gripped her console tighter. "Too much interference to tell, best guess would be a spacial charge like a photon torpedo." She speculated. The shaking was beginning to get her she could feel her heart beginning to beat in time with the rhythm of the ship and her stomach felt sick. She looked down towards the helm at Q and Tozavel. "Can one of you get us to some clear space before I barf!" She shouted in their direction.

Q just laughed his voice vibrating with the shaking of the deck plate. "Dont look at me!" He said merrily whilsr patting Tozavel on the shoulder. Un-phased by the vibration of the deck Q leaned over and tapped a couple of the navigation keys. "Here Rookie, try these co-ordinates." He said with a wink.

Tozavel blinked in surprise at the shout calling out in a baffled voice, “Is it really that bad?” His gaze flickered briefly over to Saliah taking in her expression, answering his own question, “Huh, apparently so. Just uh...try to keep everything that’s inside ya right now inside and I’ll get us….somewhere.”

Refocusing on the man next to him, he watched him key in some coordinates with interest. Quirking an eyebrow at Q’s statement and wink, Tozavel reviewed the coordinates. “Take all the fun outta it, why don’t ya. See if I get ya a present for ya birthday this year,” he sighed dramatically, voice brimming with mirth as swung Tesla to the left adjusting to the new course and increasing speed as much as he could safely. ‘Just to be on the safe side,’ Tozavel thought, eyes shifting briefly to Saliah.

Tevek largely ignored the commotion between Saliah and the helm. He trusted the young pilot to get them to safety. He was more concerned of the prospect of weapons fire.

As the Tesla stumbled through the clouds of green and bright white flashes on the main viewer the vibrations and shaking began to ease.

The view screen showed a small patch of clear space just off the Pasteurs stern.

With the Tesla back in a clearing the turbulence gradually stopped and the bridge was quiet once again. Saliah breathed a sigh of relief. She gave Q a disgusted look and mouthed a thank you in Tozavels direction.

Surprise flashed across his face before he gave her a smile and a thumbs up. “Don’t think she likes ya much,” he chuckled at Q.

Cautiously Tevek let go of the mission ops console and relieved Remmy from the watch station. "I believe someone was trying to smoke us out!" Tevek concluded out loud. "Ensign Halstein, I believe we should return the favour." He suggested whilst giving his tunic a confident and sharp tug. "Launch a spread of torpedoes at the antimatter cloud, try and avoid a cascade." He ordered.

"I think Phasers would give a better result." He said "Torpedoes would only add to the explosion and the risks of a cascade would shoot up" he looked up at the skipper who nodded. Deciding that this would be the best situation to test his new program. Activating the program he targeted the pockets that had the greatest risk of cutting off any possible cascades, a fire break. The ships phaser pulsed, not like those on the Defiant class but short high power beams, just a half a second each but combined were more than a minute in length, and all fired in less than 3 seconds. That part of the program worked.

As more bursts of bright green and yellow flashed across the nebulous gasses on the view screen Saliahs console began to light up. "Captain I'm reading a compression wake in the antimatter cloud!" She shouted out.

Tevek frowned. "In Federation standard please Science Officer." He ordered. But before Saliah could answer Remmy had beaten her to it.

"It means there is something coming through the cloud, something big enough to push the cloud up before it like a water before a bow of a ship."

Sure enough a ship began to emerge from the clouds. The mist and wisps of clouds parted as they were broken by the large weathered and bulbous bow of a heavily armoured freighter.

The vessel was alien to Tevek but he recognised it instantly, it was a perfect match to the vessels picked up by the sensor buoys and the ships along the border that were fleeing the radiation build up. "It seems our intelligence was reliable." Tevek remarked to Alek as the ship on the view screen continued to emerge displaying its full hideous profile.

"Oh shit" he muttered, "Should i target and fire upon them?" he asked. Remmy had read all the tactical files Voyager had brought back from the DQ. That was a Malon freighter, and unlike the rest of the galaxy it was armed to the teeth. They would be hard pushed to in a fight.

Tevek raised his hand as if to say stop. "Not yet Ensign, may I remind you we have an away team to bring home." He stated bluntly. "Speaking of, it's time to bring them home. We need a diversion, hale the alien vessel."

Tevek rose from his seat and looked over to Remmy. "Ensign I will attempt to keep them talking while we retrieve the away team. As soon as they are aboard you may raise shields."

"Yes sir" he said.

"On screen." Tevek ordered plainly.

From over at the mission ops station Tevek heard the familiar beeps of a comms channel being opened. Within seconds the view of the spewing freighter was replaced by the portrait of a cynical alien.

The alien man was dressed in a clunky, antiquated and stained isolation suit. His pale mottled skin was covered in cracked puss filled lesions and the hair that ringed his scalp in a semi circle was dirty, wiry and brittle. He gave a wasted smile and leaned defiantly towards his own monitor.

Tevek instantly recognised the species from the Voyager debrief it was the Malon. He began to cast his mind back to the debrief and recall all he could on the species, but it wasn't much. Voyager had a few fleeting encounters with them and most of them had been hostile. 'This may be a chance for a real first contact.' He thought. Even if his attempts only worked as a distraction at least it would give Ensign Dratt time to recover the away team.

The Malon looked Tevek up and down indignantly. "I'm Controller Gant of the Malon Co-operative and you're disturbing my salvage operation." He snarled.

Teveks eyebrow quirked. "Lieutenant Commander Tevek of the Federation Starship Tesla." He replied plainly with no hint of emotion. Beneath the surface however his Human half was seething with anger that this alien would pollute his home and salvage a Starfleet Vessel. He took a deep breath and stepped forward.

"Mister Gant I regret to inform you that you are in Federation territory." Tevek stated bluntly. Gant just sneered. "Is that so!" He barked back.

Tevek looked a little surprised at Gants remarks but remained his composure. "Indeed, I also regret to inform you that you are in breach of Federation law." He stated plainly. "I must order you to cease operations immediately. We will escort you to the nearest starbase."

Gant laughed hard and loud as Tevek spoke. "I think not!" He snorted in between fits of laughter. "Our operations will continue. I suggest you don't interfere." He snorted snuggly. On screen the bridge officers could see Gant press a few hard commands on his console. The whooshing sound of a torpedo being deployed came from the viewer, a fraction of a second later the Tesla shook with the sound of an explosion.

Tevek and the other bridge officers staggered. He gestured for them to hold steady and not to lose their nerve."Ha! That was just a warning shot!" Gant snarled. Ignoring the remarks Tevek turned his back to the viewer and strode back to the watch station. "Are the away team back aboard?" He asked Remmy in a hushed tone.

Remmy checked his board, he nodded and prepared to bring the shields online, preempting the skippers orders.

Tevek smirked slightly and swiftly took his seat."Shields up, red alert!" He called out as he sat. Seeing that diplomacy was not going to be an option, Tevek gave Gant a hard and steely gaze. "Mister Gant, take your best shot. We're about to interfere!"


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