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Freak Accident

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 7:14pm by Lieutenant JG John Fox MD

Mission: Q The Music!
Location: USS Tesla - Sickbay
Timeline: Current
1108 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Bittersweet vapours of sugary black coffee rose in thin whisps of steam from John's standard issue Starfleet mug. He breathed them in deeply and took a large satisfying gulp. For him drinking coffee was like a form of meditation but today it just wasn't doing its job.

After a double shift he was getting weary, not to mention frustrated. 'Upset stomachs, nausea, vomiting. Why does radiation poisoning sound like the result of a three day bender on Romulan Ale.' He thought to himself as he reclined in the office chair and kicked his feet up onto the desk.

Just as he was getting settled in a shadow fell across his tired face. The figure of Nurse Taylor appeared in the doorway. She tapped gently on the bulkhead. "Knock knock." She said cheerfully with a bright smile. John gave an audible sigh. "Urgh, is ten minutes and coffee too much to ask for?" John snapped rhetorically. He took another large gulp of coffee and tossed his head round to look at her.

Bright eyed and fresh on shift Nurse Taylor was young and dark skinned. Her crimped hair was tied neatly into a functional braid and her lips were painted a deep shade of purple that matched her eye shadow and the colour of her irises. She gave John a scowel. "Today it is! Crewman Jessop is back and he's vomiting this time." She chirped resting a hand on her hip. This wasn't her first time working with John and she was well prepared for his thorny attitude.

John sighed and took a defiant sip of coffee, he wiped a hand across his face. The bags under his eyes felt heavy and he was not in the mood for another upset stomach. "So? Give him some ondansetron, observe him for an hour and discharge." He said wearily whilst giving a condescending smile.

Nurse Taylor huffed and swept into the room, she grabbed John's feet off the desk and dropped them to the floor. "That was the first thing I did. But he's still going. Now get up and treat the patient!" She ordered.

John paused for a moment, partly out of shock from Nurse Taylor manhandling him and partly because he was trying to think of a reason not to get up. But the shock wore off and he had no excuses. "Fine!" He snapped while slapping his hand on his thigh out of frustration. Downing his coffee John rose reluctantly to his feet and placed down his mug with a frustrated clunk.

'Waste of my talents. If I wanted to treat a bunch of vomiting losers I would have taken a job on a Ferengi pleasure barge." He muttered as he paced out from the calm of the CMO's office and into the bright clinical white of sickbay.

He snatched a medical tricorder from a nearby equipment tray and put on a smile. "Crewman Jessop I'm Doctor for Fox. You may call me Doctor Fox. Not John, Doc or any other pet name." He said bluntly introducing himself as he approached Crewman Jessop who was seated on the closest bio bed. He was upright and holding his stomach, his face was pained and distressed.

Jessop looked queasy and slightly taken aback by John but nodded in understanding. "Lay down please." John instructed whilst laying a hand on Crewman Jessops chest and gently pushing him flat on the bio bed. Jessop winced and reached but avoided vomiting.

John flipped open the tricorder in a nonchalant manner and waived the small medical probe in Jessops general direction. His eyes were fixed on the small screen. "Just as I thought a mild case of theta radiation poisoning." He said plainly while reading the results out loud. Jessop looked worried. "Relax crewman, 20cc's of Hyronalin and Lectrazine and you'll be fine." He said in the same leveltone as he snapped the tricorder shut. "Nurse, you'll see to this?" He asked rhetorically. Nurse Taylor went to object but John had already spun on his heel and started to march back towards the office.

Walking fast John acted as if he was blinkered. 'If I don't look at them maybe they'll leave me alone.' He thought smugly. But just as he reached the threshold of the CMOs office the hatch for sickbay hissed open. He heard a voice urgently call out "Bio bed four now!" He stopped in his tracks and reluctantly glanced over his shoulder. John expected to see an Ensign or other younger crewman with an upset belly but instead he saw a charred and blackened Tesha being heaved on to a bio bed by two slightly singed crewmen in gold shirts.

"Jesus H Christ!" He moaned out loud and pivoted back round quickly marching over to where they had lay Tesha. The Andorian CMO had the body scanner pulled down around her waist already. The computer beeped rapidly and urgently signifying she was in a critical state. John glanced at the holographic life sign readings that were projected over her bed. She was alive but barely! "What the hell happened here!" John shouted to the crewmen. He gestured for Nurse Taylor to assist him.

The two crewmen looked stunned as John stormed over with Nurse Taylor hastily pacing up behind him. "She came to treat me on deck eight and a plasma conduit blew in the last bout of turbulence." One of them stammered. John pushed them out of the way. "Nurse I need 50 cc's of arithrazine, adrenaline and hyronalin stat!" He ordered as he double checked the readings. While John worked Nurse Taylor prepped a hypospray and quickly handed it to him. Snatching it John injected Tesha.

Over their heads her readings stabilised little but the computer still beeped rapidly and furiously. John banged his fists on the body scanner. "She's going to need surgery." He reported. Nurse Taylor turned to start preparations. "Not here, we need the advanced radiation suite on a starbase." He stated turning to face Nurse Taylor. "Lets prep a stasis unit and get her in or we'll lose the Chief." He ordered.

Nurse Taylor nodded in understanding. "Aye doctor." She said in acknowledgement. John looking stone faced turned his attention to the crewmen he battered out the way. "As for you, let's see if we can help you two. Take a seat, I'll be with you shortly." He ordered.

Taking a deep breath John ran his hands through his tight curly hair and looked up at the ceiling. "Looks like you're the chief now." He muttered. On that thought he rolled up his sleeves, opened his tricorder and got to work.


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