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Fog of War?

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 3:05am by
Edited on on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 12:36am

Mission: Q The Music!
Location: USS Tesla, Deck 5, Science Lab 1
Timeline: Before 'A Late Night Visitor'
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"Vigil to Ensign Dratt," Illum said over the comm as she stepped off the turbolift, "meet me in Science Lab One as soon as you are available."

"Understood, on my way," Tod responded. He turned down a corridor, walked about 10 meters and stopped. He soon around, looking down the corridor both ways, trying to get his bearings. He sighed, frustrated, then headed for the nearest information panel. "Should have spent some of the last few days learning the ship better," he muttered to himself, then followed the computer's instructions to Science Lab One.

The door slid open, and Tod stepped in.

A holographic representation of long-range scans was overlayed onto the map of their destination, a three-dimensional sprawling map of a tiny corner of the cosmos filling the entire room.

"Ah," came a voice from the other end of the lab, "you're here." The dark figure of a woman walked through the yellow fog on the map that represented the Malon radiation clouds, coming to a stop next to the science lab's central console. She reached over, tapping something on it which deactivated the full-scale hologram and returned the room to its' normal illumination.

Illum smiled, extending a hand to Dratt. "I believe this is the first time we've worked together, directly."

"Indeed it is," Tod confirmed as he shook the Lieutenant's hand. "What can I help you with?"

"A science project, of course." Her lip curled at the edge as she nodded her head at the central console just behind her back, her blonde ponytail bobbing slightly with the motion. With a few button presses, she activated the holographic map again, pointing at the pooling yellow clouds of Theta radiation in space. "The Captain wants whatever we can give him to cut through the interference," She shrugged, "or, at the very least, increase how much of it we can cut through."

Illum side-eyed Dratt with a casual pursing of her lips before she spoke, again, "So... any thoughts?"

Tod looked at the projection, then stepped over to a panel and starting checking information. "It's possible that, if we tie the deflector into the sensors, we could cut through more of the interference. It'd be helpful to know the source of the radiation clouds though. I haven't been looped into the senior staff briefings yet, any indication of what's causing this?"

"Malon." Illum shook her head, "I know, they're very, very far from home. I thought a history chapter on the USS Voyager was the only place I'd ever see them, but... here they are."

She brought up the schematics and power dynamic overlays. "Your idea is good, but it also stresses the deflector beyond normal specs. And, if it works, we would essentially have a one-way mid-range scanner... a flashlight in space."

"I can get started and work with engineering to keep the danger to the deflector to a minimum. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so," Tod offered.

Illum nodded, making a few modifications to the newly formed sensor configuration. She swept her hand across the changes, picking them up like a mess on the counter, then gestured towards the deflector schematics. The new settings filtered into place in the holographic representation, showing a three percent increase in overall stability.

"That's about all I can do from here. Go ahead and take this to engineering like you said. Keep me in the loop... I want to know if anything changes."


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