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Cast Aways

Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 2:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Sol Dexx & Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes & Lieutenant JG Rook Allende M.D. & Lieutenant JG Karl Scheer & Lieutenant JG Ethan Brash & Ensign Shanyrria Kelmys & Lieutenant Commander Tevek

Mission: Shake Down
Location: USS Tesla - Ready Room
Timeline: Day 07 - 08:00
2907 words - 5.8 OF Standard Post Measure

Life on the bridge of the Tesla was beginning to resemble what passed for normal on a Starfleet vessel. The yard crews had cleared out and left the bridge officers to their stations. The scenes on the bridge were being replicated all across the ship, teams of people in mustard colour jumpsuits and overalls packed their tools, put the consoles back together and filed out through the nearest transport or airlock.

Gabe sat with a slightly puzzled look on his face as he sat in his command chair tapping away at the holographic display that was being projected from the arm rest. Try as he might he couldn't get used to having controls hanging in mid air. "Maldito." He muttered under his breath as he struggled with the holograms repeatedly punching his fingers through the projected tabs and buttons. Giving up he waved his hand in frustration to clear the display.

'Lets try this the old fashioned way.' He thought. He glanced over to the ops station where Ethan was working. "Ensign Brash, ships status report." He ordered plainly.

Ethan Brash held up a hand to the holographic display in front of him, plucking with his red fingers at a small rectangular window. The shape came to life, moving with smoothness into center view and naturally expanding in size with a gesture of the Chief Operations' hand. The sudden shift in size also slightly changed the illumination of the bridge. Now enhanced in height and width, each little view became bigger and full of yellow uniformed officers. One at a time, each gave a thumbs up, and their video feeds faded out with every confirmation, leaving behind a full system status screen.

Next to Ethan's station stood his Assistant Chief, Petty Officer Etzel Hannis. The Andorian was almost always at his side, a stack of PADD's stuffed into a satchel at her hip. One of those PADD's was in her hand, her blue fingers flipping through pages of confirmations and checklists.

He didn't need to have real people at his side or on his screen. Ethan could have checked all those systems himself with a few swipes and button presses- but he preferred the personal touch.

The Andorian stopped and wordlessly lifted her arm to give the final thumbs-up. Ethan waved her away and she nodded, turning to leave the bridge.

The Chief of Operations swiped his screen to the left, shrinking it away into a pocket-size corner. He turned to his Commanding Officer with a hearty grin.

"All stations report green, mooring cleared, engines humming; nothing left but to pop a bottle, sir!"

"Excellente! Let's get this show on the road then." Gabe remarked with an equally wide smile. He turned his head back to the centre of the bridge and for the second time this week took in the faces of the people he would be responsible for.

A lot of the officers on the bridge were younger than his last crew. But he had no doubt they would all be capable of doing their duties. When he was satisfied that each face and name was etched in his memory he looked down to the helm station.

"Ensign Scheer let's clear the station traffic and set a course for New Sydney." He ordered.

"With pleasure," Karl said smiling as he spun his chair around to face the console. His fingers glided across the holographic display as he engaged the thrusters and the Tesla began to move away from the docking berth. Once clear, Karl increased speed gradually until they were clear of all the traffic in the area.

Over the last few days Karl had familiarized himself with everything that the Marian class was and he was impressed. The ship was perfect for his skill set and he had every intention of pushing the Tesla to her limits.

Once clear of the station traffic Karl spun around to look at Gabe sitting in the command chair, "Clear of station traffic and course laid in for New Sydney sir. Just waiting for your order.

Gabe leaned forward in his chair to give the order but before the words could come from his mouth a bouncy hale tone sounded from Teveks station. Dutifully Tevek tapped at the controls. "Priority message from Starfleet Marine Corps." He reported with a slight sense of urgency in his normally calm Vulcan tone.

"Standby holographic communicator." Gabe ordered. Sitting up straight in his chair he tugged his tunic straight, as soon as he was ready he nodded in Teveks direction to accept the transmission. The moment Tevek had clicked to accept the hale the air in the centre of the bridge fizzed and crackled. A slightly transparent image of a stout and greying Tellarite wearing a marine duty uniform appeared in the middle of the floor, he was wearing Colonel insignia and had a stern look across his hairy face.

"Commander Reyes?" The Tellarite snorted. His image pacing toward Gabes command chair. Gabe nodded in acknowledgement. "Si Commander Gabriel Reyes. What can I do for you Jeffe?" He asked rising and stepping forward to meet the Tellarite.

"I'm Colonel Borst from the Hazardous Area Response Team. We need your assistance." He stated bluntly fixing Gabe with a hard look. "I'm listening." Gabe replied equally as bluntly. Borst's holographic figure looked like it was tapping at a console. In an instant the viewer on the main bridge changed to a tactical display. Half the screen showed a planet in the Badlands, the other half showed a personnel roster for a sixteen man team and a training itinerary.

"I direct you to the view screen." Borst ordered. "Major Peyton Ross was leading a training exercise in the Badlands. She was due to report from this location twelve hours ago." He explained in a brusque tone.

Gabe scratched his chin. "So what, you need us to go check on her?" Gabe asked matching Borsts tone. The Tellarite stared hard at Gabe. "Major Ross is a capable marine. She doesn't need a babysitter. If she hasn't made contact then her team is in trouble!" Borst retorted. He sighed heavily. "Commander, i'm concerned about my people. Would you please find them and bring them home."

Gabe smirked and stepped back from Borsts hologram. "Of course Jeffe, would be our pleasure." He replied sincerely as he strode towards the helm. "Ensign Scheer how long would it take us to reach Major Ross's last known position?" He asked whilst resting his hand on the backrest of Karl's chair.

Karl began running his calculations, "At maximum warp we can get there in a little under 2 hours, however if we use the QSD we'll reach the edge of the badlands in just under 20 minutes. However that's when things get tricky. We can only move at impulse while in there, so even at full impulse it'll be about another 30 minutes to get there." Karl could feel the tension in the room. The real first test of the ship as a rapid response vessel and things were going to be tricky. "I might be able to skim some time off of that estimate once we get in there, if you don't mind a bumpy ride."

Thinking for a moment Gabe patted Karls shoulder. "Bumpy has never bothered me, just try not to break my ship." He remarked with a slight smile. Leaving Karl to his work Gabe turned back to Borst. "We're on our way Colonel, we'll report back within two hours." He informed him but Borst did not look impressed. "Two hours Commander or you're in trouble. Borst out." He snorted. The image of Borst sizzled and faded from the bridge.

Gabe looked to Tevek "I guess we're going to the badlands." He sighed. Tevek nodded in agreement and looked over at the science station. "Ensign Kelmys, is there anything we can do to make the ride less bumpy?" Tevek asked, shuddering slightly at using Human colloquialisms.

"Deflector shield to Max Sir, have it put a dampening field around the Tesla and pray it does not burn out." came the reply from Science.

The Operations Chief cut in as he continued to work the console in front of him, "Might I suggest temporarily cutting power to Deck Ten and the Shuttle Bays until we need to use them. Might as well save the power for the shields and Deflector Arrays on our journey inside."

"Interesting idea mijo, but it may he a little risky. Number one Your thoughts?" Gabe asked glancing up at Sol who was currently sharing the mission ops station with Tevek.

Sol glanced up at Gabe from the station he stood at, “I do have one thought captain!”, Sol stated motioning the Vulcan to move back from the station. Sol began tapping at the console bringing up all ships recorded flight navigation logs for the past 10 years, he tapped on one log in particular, “The USS Mendez used controlled bursts of the inertial dampeners to navigate through this area of space, the Mendez also diverted all secondary non essential power to the inertial dampening field generators to increase the structural integrity field!” Sol was by no way an engineer but he could research quickly.

"Then let's make it happen, if we're going in we're coming out." Gabe stated with a smile. "Helm co-ordinate with Ops to make the adjustments." He ordered as he strode back to the command chair and took his seat. He turned the chair and looked up to the tactical station. "For a team of Marines to go missing we have to assume their maybe hostiles in the area. What's our tactical situation?" He asked. Gabe wanted to be prepared but he honestly hoped they wouldn't need to test the Tesla's weapons systems.

"Aye sir, systems ready, we're having difficulties calibrating the targeting sensors but I will compensate!" The young tactical officer responded as he furiously tapped at the holographic view screen he was stationed in front of.

Karl hopped up and moved to the OPS station. He was curious as to his counterpart's red skin as never having seen anyone like that before, however the job took priority. In an attempt to get a laugh Karl remarked, "Its too bad we can't divert power from the inertial dampeners a little, you know, make the trip more interesting." He smiled.

"Oh?" Ethan took the index and thumb of his left hand, pinching a rectangular shape from the left side of the holographic console and moving it into centre view. The same gesture from before with his splayed fingers caused the shape to take full screen. This smaller part of the overall power distribution showed transfer percentages and balance charts between primary and secondary systems. "You like being tossed about in a maelstrom?"

Karl chuckled, "If you're being tossed around it means you're either not in control or have a really bad pilot." He began to use his hands as visual aids making them into ships, "You see piloting a starship is a lot like piloting a boat. You've got to be able to read the currents. Know when to turn the ship into a wave or away from. I find it helps when you can actually feel the ship moving underneath you."

Ethan raised a jet black brow, slightly deforming the vertical scar over his left eye as he observed the hand-made demonstration. A slight smile formed at the corner of his lips. "Thanks," He said, positioning three of his blood-red fingers onto the display and swiping them down. "I don't think I could've possibly gotten the picture," the three secondary system power readings dropped to minimal levels with the motion, "without the visual aid."

The console beeped once while showing the freed up energy in its own space. Ethan grabbed it with his left hand, clenching it into a fist to hold it in place. Then, with his right hand, he swiped to the right, clearing the current screen and returning to the main systems status screen. The glowing representation of extra energy pulsed as he placed it over the Inertial Dampeners column and relaxed the fingers, letting go.

'That's that.' Ethan thought to himself. 'Transfer complete.'

"Computer, transfer the Hazardous Area Response Team personnel files to this data padd!" Sol commanded as he began scanning the HART roster, moving from the mission ops console to an empty science station. He wasn't sure what he was looking for but he was going to be thorough non the less.

"Mr Tevek, I wonder if you could assist?" Sol called over to the Vulcan commander who had resumed his position at the mission ops station. Sol wanted to see what Tevek knew, intelligence officers always had a trick up their sleeves when it came to information gathering.

Tevek's eyebrow quirked, it never ceased to amaze him how officers outside of the intelligence community believed that intelligence and strategic operations officers knew everything about every ship, starbase and everyone. He looked plainly at Sol. “HART Personnel are trained to deal with evacuations and security in the most hostile of environments. The Colonels concerns are justified.” He reported stoically.

Still dutifully Tevek skimmed the personnel files for any names, dates or issues that stuck out. He shook his head. “The team appears to be beyond reproach.” He remarked as his eyes scanned the last file. “None have any connections to foreign powers or any grievances, nor do any of their names feature on an intelligence watch list.” He added.

Gabe took in all the information. They were still largely heading into the unknown but at least they knew the HART unit weren't bad actors. “Condition blue! Ensign Scheer lay in a course for the badlands, Quantum Velocity 1.5. Punch it!” He ordered with a degree of urgency.

Karl took his seat with a giant grin on his face, "Punching it!" He exclaimed.

As the ship began to move off Gabe looked to the science station. “Ensign Kelmys I’d like you to work with Mr brash and Commander Dexx to see what we can do to improve our sensors when we get there por favor . He ordered politely his eyes flicking from Shanyrria, to Sol and lastly to Ethan.

"Yes Sir" Came the reply from Science.

A red face popped up over the Varlarian's shoulder. "You thinking," Ethan asked her, "what I'm thinking? 2372, USS Defiant, Echolocation?"

Shanyrria looked at him for a moment. "Breath Mint." she said succinctly. "Get one put it in your mouth then come back"

"What?" Ethan frowned, "You don't like Watermelon?"

"not when it is mixed with meat." She replied turning to her console. "Breath mint." she repeated.

Ethan stepped back, "Fine, fine," He gave in, his hands up, "point taken." He smiled whilst slipping off towards the briefing room to use the replicator.

Sol noted Gabe's orders and the arrival and quick disappearance of Mr Brash at the science station next to him. "Ensign Kelmys make sure you have re-aligned the sensor array to counter the effects of the Badlands region on our long range sensors and when Mr Brash returns make sure you run a level 1 diagnostic on all sensor systems!" Sol commanded as he continued to tap at the console in front of him.

"Aye Sir" Came the reply from science.

"Okay," Ethan said as he re-entered the bridge, homing in on Science. A slight click of his teeth gave away the movement of something hard in his mouth as he continued, "I heard level one diagnostic? Let's get to it."

Gabe had mostly observed quietly as Sol had covered most of the bases. There was only one noticeable absence from his preparations. Discretely, Gabe swiped his fingers over the comm-badge on his chest. "Reyes to Sickbay. Bones we may be in for a lot of casualties. Prepare for multiple traumas and meet me in the shuttle bay. It maybe worth converting a shuttle to a mobile triage unit." He suggested.

"Sickbay here," Rook answered. "I'll get things started here and meet you in the shuttle bay in say ... ten minutes?"

Even though Rook couldn't see him Gabe nodded in response. "Si, myself and flight control will meet you down there." He ordered gesturing at Karl to either join him or send a crewman to meet them.

Moving briskly towards the turbo lift he looked in Sol's direction. "Commander Dexx, you have the bridge. Mr Tevek support him........and you two play nice!" He ordered bluntly as he stepped into the turbo lift.

Sol, slightly taken aback by the Captain's comment simply nodded to Gabe as he exited the bridge. Sol moved towards the central command chair, "Mr Tevek would you take mission ops please!" Sol gestured the Vulcan commander to serve as his number one at the mission ops station.

Sol straightened his uniform pulling down at the edges to avoid creasing, he then took his seat in the command chair. "Helm, maintain position!" he commanded as the crew around him set to their duties.


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