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The only true Christmas Movie!

Posted on Sun Dec 13th, 2020 @ 4:05am by

Mission: Q The Music!
Location: Tesla
Timeline: Who knows! 1988?!
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Remmy, after dealing with the Orks... Or at least thats what someone on his staff has called them, decided that a nice festive movie night. Die Hard was a classic from Earth 20th century, he had watched this film every year with his parents and when he went off to the academy he had continued the tradition. This year, on his first posting he, was intending to continue to do so.

He ordered the toffee popcorn and hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows from the replicator. He called for the computer to make a holoscreen on the wall before the sofa and to queue up the first Die Hard movie in the original 2D format. Of course he did concede that it needed to be in high definition. Modern computer imaging technology really did give him the chance enhance his films. This would be the first time he would get to watch this one, his family had always watched the 3D version but there was something to be said for a 2D screen.

He dimmed the lights as he carried his snacks to the sofa, as he sat down instead of his bum hitting the firm but giving standard issue starfleet sofa he rested his weight upon a softer chair with arms. He frowned and looked around, all about him were people, human's in odd clothing. Very suspicious now he allowed his eyes to adjust and was kinda shocked to find himself in a movie theater, the large screen at the front was showing... he struggled for the word, advertisements?

"Why do they have to show so many ads before a movie?" asked someone to their friend. It did confirm that they were adverts though. He had heard this kind of language back in his home town. From the looks of the poor picture on the screen it was a live theater projector rather than a view screen of holo-image. His heart sank a little, "Q?" he asked. a suspicion that he was in fact on Earth in 1988, he wondered if he was about to watch Die Hard on opening night? His heart rate raised, "Q!" he said a little louder eliciting confused looks from those around him. Which of course only got worse given that he was still in his starfleet uniform.

"Hi, that seat taken?"

He looked up, into the stunning blue eyes of a pretty women, she brushed the hair over her ear, her very Vulcan ear. Frowning he smiled, "sure" he said.

"Oh relax Ensign. I am Commander Nox from the the 29th Century, and you shouldn't be here!" Remmy almost laughed out loud. "Ya think?" he asked with an amused snort. He gestured around, "what makes you think that?"

Before she could answer there was a bright flash of light, which in the dark theater was blinding. Once his vision cleared he noted a great deal of annoyance and his future visitor was gone, replaced by Q. The tall black man, who appeared to be an elder human was dressed in a three piece pinstriped black suit with a bowler hat. Remmy had not seen this Q before, or any Q for that matter, but the Skipper had described him and Remmy had seen him in a visual recording.

"Hi Q" he said, the only direct interaction he had had with Q was the cargo bay incident.

"Those Temporal Integrity Commission folks are such a bore. I bring you here to enjoy your favorite movie and they send someone to take you home. Like you're some kind of rebellious teenager" the dark man sighed "I mean, do they really think i am going to leave you here?" He had no idea what Q was talking about, but he had heard of the DTI and given from when she had claimed she was from, it fit that this Temporal Integrity Commission was an extension or replacement of the DTI.

"How does that work? Did they detect me here or you bringing me here or do i get stuck here and they decided to stop that from happening?" He didn't expect an answer that made sense from Q but a man could wish.

"Oh, my dear boy. It is even more simple that than. These events have happened, for you they are happening and they are in your past" he grinned as Remmy sighed again, he hated time travel. Q continued "Your appearance, and mine were preceded ever so slightly with a bright flash of light. This drew attention to you, and me. This somehow gets into an official document or I think they call it a newspaper. At some point on their future, your past. "With a tilt of the head "Or your future. Who knows" with a dismissive wave of his hand he continued "One of the time watching departments read it and then filed to be dealt with in some way in the future. Your friend was the result of that."

He waved his hand and with a flash, much dimmer than the last, a large bag of popcorn and a large drink appeared and he wiggled himself into a comfy position in the chair. "Plus if you had gotten stuck here and nothing had changed, they would have left you. They only deal with problems"

Remmy scoffed, "Implying that i am a problem" he didn't ask a question. He kind of liked that he was a problem for the future. "Wont they be back?" He was more worried that he would miss this very historic showing then further visitors.

Q seemed to think for a moment and then with a wave of his hand, which didn't seem to do anything, he said "Nope"

"What was that" clearly the Q had just done something that would stop time travelling officers from coming to get him, and he was curious.

"Oh that" he said gesturing vaguely over his shoulder. "I just changed the quantum constant of the space surround Earth. Oh don't look so worried, nothing will change. I just stopped the formation of temporal fissures or rifts, in effect cutting Earth off from the larger timeline for the duration of our visit."

Remmy had no idea what he had just said, he smiled and nodded.

The dim lights went out completely and the movie started in earnest, Remmy decided he didn't care anymore. Q had made a few messes on the Tesla but right now Remmy didn't really have a choice but to trust the entity will return him to his own time and location after the film. For now Q was right, this was his favorite film and he was looking froward to seeing it.

Some time into the movie, Remmy was out of popcorn and his hot chocolate, which had been refilled by Q twice, was empty now. "Aww Karl gonna get it" muttered Q and the long blond haired 'bad guy' was just 'slugged' by the John. It was typical unrealistic hero movie fights

"Should have heard your brother sequel when i broke his fucking neck" , the line strongly expressed by John as he bounced Karl's head off some stacked pipes. Q laughed at that, a big belly laugh. For Remmy he had always loved the one liners like this one.

"How can anyone not love this movie" he said to his omnipotent friend "I must have watched it a dozen times.

"Oh i hope thats not a hostage" the line delivered by the inept police chief, Dwayne as Hanz, the real bad guy was falling from a high rise building. A little while later and the film was over, the lights came on and everyone started getting to their feet and made to leave. Remmy and Q remained seated.

"Have you ever watched it before Q?" Remmy asked watching the credit scroll up the screen.

"I have not" he said "I did enjoy that. The Q lack this kind of entertainment, mind you most of them wouldn't bother with what they considered a lower form of entertainment. I might go watch more of your films" he considered it "Do you have a list? I mean of films you might recommended?"

"Yeah, i can knock you up a list when we get back. Will you watch the originals. As you just did with Die Hard?"

"Oh yes, I think so. I think the atmosphere is part of the enjoyment. I guess I should return you to your own time and back to your ship." Remmy turned his head, Q was looking intently at him, "I do rather think you will get a visit from your era's time guys. I am sorry about that but i do have a consolation prize for you." Reaching in to his jacket pocket he withdrew a ticket stub. "The genuine article, complete"

Remmy took the stub and smiled. "Thank you Q, i enjoyed this evening."

"As did it" and he snapped his fingers returning Remmy to his quarters, he was even just sitting down on his sofa. His popcorn and coco filled once again. He decided he would sit and watch the film as he had intended even though he had just 408 years ago watched the premiere.

The lights dimmed and the movie started.


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