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One Step Closer

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 8:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes & Lieutenant JG Karl Scheer & Lieutenant JG Ethan Brash

Mission: Episode One - Skunkworks
Location: USS Tesla - Ready Room
Timeline: Current
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With the non essential crew filtering off the bridge and the Tesla safely moored under the protective dome of Starbase Gibraltar Gabe could breathe a sigh of relief. It had been a wild ride being beaten about by storms in the badlands, but the ride would have been far worse without Karls imaginative flying and Ethans management of the ship's systems, and judging by the communication that had just flashed up on his chair display Starfleet Command agreed.

Rising from his chair Gabe tugged his uniform straight and smoothed his tunic. He glanced at both young officers with a mischievous smile. They had certainly proved themselves and even with the ship docked both were still hard at work, even though they shot each other the occasional dig it was in good spirits. Gabe looked over at Sol. "Commander Dexx secure the ship, I'm going to start making my rounds. We'll meet later to xo the crew reports" He informed the Bolian first officer with a friendly yet professional smile. "Ensigns Scheer and Brash! Report to the ready room rapidez!" He ordered in a loud and firm voice. Without another word Gabe turned on his heels and strode purposefully towards the hatch at the back of the bridge.

A few of the yellow shirted ops officers looked up from their stations at Karl and Ethan with puzzled looks on their faces. "Are they in trouble?" A stout Andorian muttered to a Trill colleague by the turbo lift but Gabe clocked their mutterings and shot them a look that stopped their conversation dead. Satisfied he had set the stage he stepped up to the readyroom doors. Slowly they hissed apart but they seemed slow and laboured. 'Odd, must need to add it to the repair list.' He thought with a sigh as he silently entered the room.

Ethan was the first one in the door. He waited for Karl to start walking in, then pointed at him. "He did it."

Karl waved his hand, "Yeah yeah blame it on the fly boy." He playfully punched Ethan's shoulder as he came to attention in the room. "How much trouble are we in sir?"

Gabe ignored the comment for a moment and strode all the way in the ready room to the replicator in silence. His fingers made light work of the controls. Keeping his face to the wall to a hide his mischievous smile he watched the lights in the replicator work. "Ensigns Scheer and Brash, you broke my ship!" He stated firmly. "I gave you one simple instruction, she's new dont break anything." He added reaching into the alcove and removing two small dark wooden boxes.

He turned sharply on his heels to face the two youg men and concealed the boxes behind his back. Putting on his 'cross face', Gabe strode with in centimeters of Karl and Ethan. "So you tell me Ensigns, how much trouble do you think you're in?"

A pair of red hands waved in front of Ethan's face, "I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for..." he looked sideways for a moment, "Uh..." He whispered to Karl, "What did we do, again?"

A long sigh filled the room, "Apparently, my fancy flying and your power distribution caused some damage." Karl brought his eyes to rest on Gabe, "So whats the punishment?"

"Your punishment? Thats a tricky one!" Gabe stated rocking a little on his heels. Stopping abruptly he produced the wooden boxes from behind his back and offered one each to Karl and Ethan. "I was thinking about promoting you." He stated warmly, the anger on his face melting into a proud smile.

He stared at the thing in Gabe's hands for a long moment, trying to catch up with the atmosphere in the room after it turned a one-eighty. A shock started in his scalp, ran down his face, and tingled over his spine. His hand reached out, tentatively grasping the small wooden thing between his fingers. With it resting in his palm, Ethan brought his other hand over and pushed it open. Inside lay a small darkened circle of metal, a dull resonance in the material, as if it were made of obsidian.

For just a brief moment, the ever chattery Ethan Brash was stunned. His attention, ever centered on the box, had to be wrestled away in order for him to look up. There was a hint of a smirk. "I... uh..." His words were finally starting to come back, "This is... good. I like this. Can we do this more often?"

"Ummm," was all Karl could say. He was dumbfounded and it showed on his face.

Gabe smiled broadly. "I dont know about that! But you two earned this and Captain Mimmieux agrees". He said a little more seriously.

Taking a PADD off the edge of his desk Gabe cleared his throat and thumbed through it. "Here it is." He commented briefly looking each of his officers in the eye. "Ensigns Brash has served time in grade and on current assignment has made vital modifications to the Tesla to complete her mission while safe guarding the crewmen under his supervision." He paused and looked down at the text and back up at the young men. " Ensign Karl Scheer, has shown exemplary performance of duties while under fire. His skill at the helm is worthy of a pilot twice his level of experience." He read proudly. As soon as Gabe had finished reading the text he tossed the PADD to one side. "Well done Lieutenants, I'm proud of you!" He said as he relaxed back against his desk.

All the reverence seemed to pop like a bubble as Ethan skid over to the replicator to use the reflective surface. He fiddled with his collar for a moment, then turned around to show the newly updated Lt. JG pips. "Well?" His hands reached his hips, "How do I look!?"

"Looks good," Karl chuckled. Turning to Gabe he took his own box and stared at the pip. Never had he thought someone would think his reckless flying, as some people had called it, would be considered noteworthy.

"Now you two have a shiny new pip on your collar, my expectations have jumped significantly. I expect even bigger things."

"I promise I'll try to not break the ship next time you call for evasive maneuvers sir." Karl said as a smile began to grow on his face.

Ethan walked back to his place beside Karl, straightening his uniform and fiddling with his collar one more time. "I aim to impress!" He said before glancing back in the direction of the bridge. "Should we get going, then?"

Nodding slightly in agreement Gabe tugged his uniform straight. "Now you're both lieutenants I expect you to work twice as hard....doesn't mean you can't break open the champagne tonight though!" He remarked leading the way back to the bridge. "If anything I'd be disappointed if you didn't"

"I'll see if I can get my hands on something..." Ethan turned and walked towards the door, shrugging over his shoulder, "or just synthehol, I suppose. Plenty of that in the replicator."


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