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Into the Storm

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant JG Ethan Brash & Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes & Lieutenant Commander Sol Dexx & Lieutenant JG Karl Scheer & Ensign Taya Lenwa & Ensign Shanyrria Kelmys
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Mission: Shake Down
Location: USS Tesla, Main Bridge
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The quantum vortex on the viewscreen bathed the bridge of the Tesla in a turquoise hue as the blue alert lights flashed on and off. It was a weird sight for Gabe, the Tesla was the first slipstream capable ship he had been on and this was only his second flight at slipstream velocities. The sight on the screen was almost hypnotic, he had to shake his head and rub his eyes to snap his attention back to the situation at hand.

Gabe watched as the crew worked diligently at their stations preparing for the mission at hand, the air was a little tense as the reality of entering the badlands began to sink in. Despite this being a routine mission tensions were high in the region and the presence of danger felt greater.

He shifted his weight in his seat and tapped at the controls on the armrest. He was becoming used to the new holographic displays, his eyes quickly surveyed the data. "Okay, Ensign Scheer that should do it, take us out of Slipstream." He ordered cooly.

The Tesla dropped back into normal space just on the edge of the badlands, "I'd say we've arrived sir," Karl remarked at their current position. He honestly felt a little nervous about taking the brand new ship into suck dangerous territory, where something could happen in a fraction of a second before he could react.

Standing at the Mission Ops station Sol closed down his holographic display, "Blue to Yellow Alert!" Sol commanded as this standard procedure entering any mission area. "Captain engineering report a successful Slipstream drive shutdown sequence!" Sol continued as he called out over to Gabe.

"Excellente, what do you say we make a start?" Gabe replied glancing in Sols' direction. Stepping out of his chair Gabe walked up to Ethan's console and rested a hand on his shoulder. "Okay Mijo, bring the enhanced sensors online and being co-ordinating with science station." He ordered softly patting Ethan's shoulder lightly.

Ethan nodded in response, pulling up the custom script he'd prepared earlier with a tap of his finger. A small warning message popped up and he promptly ignored it. Custom settings would obviously void the 'warranty', and Ethan didn't expect to have a shipping label big enough for the Tesla when everything hit the fan, anyway.

"To boldly go..." He murmured to himself, activating the new power dynamic and turning back to the science station. He gave a thumbs up.

Shanyrria merely inclined her head. "Sensors at full" she reported as her hands danced over the console.

Gabe tugged at his tunic and smoothed his uniform straight. "Well, Number One, let's begin our search!" He suggested as he rose from his chair and paced down to the helm "I know this isn't in your nature Mr. Scheer, but take us in nice and slow." He ordered calmly resting a hand on Karl's shoulder.

His fingers working at the holographic controls, Karl slowly increased the speed of the ship until they had achieved one-quarter impulse. Looking back at Gabe, "Believe it or not sir, I can do slow. Just don't like to."

From the intelligence console Tevek looked blankly at the main viewer, the swirling storms of the badlands was not what he had expected to see when he agreed that Gabe could give him a lift to his next posting. Realizing he was losing his chain of thought to his more Human emotions his mind snapped back to the task at hand. His fingers worked over the console double-checking the latest reports for the region. "Captain, we should be cautious latest reports show a Breen build up in this sector." He reported stoically.

Gabe nodded and looked back to Shanyrria. "Ensign anything out of the ordinary that would indicate foreign vessels?" He asked. Gabe had known Tevek long enough to know that if he spoke up there was a genuine concern to be had.

"Sir, our sensors are not showing anything. I am extending their range and direction." Kelmys replied

"Captain I'd like to point out that the Breen haven't been an active threat to the Federation since the end of the war, I fear Mr. Tevek's intelligence may be somewhat outdated!" Sol declared glaring at Tevek. While he had accepted he and the Captain were old friends, he had not anticipated the Vulcan's level on input into ship-wide operations. Before Tevek could interject, Sol shot a darting look towards him across the bridge.

"To be on the safe side Captain I would suggest we monitor all subspace communications within this region of space!" Sol suggested turning to look at Gabe.

Gabe stroked his chin in thought. "I tend to agree Number One, unless there's something Commander Tevek knows that we don't." He stated. Gabe took a step back and looked over at Tevek. "What do you say, amigo, something you wish to share with the rest of the class?" He asked slightly in jest. The Vulcan remained stone-faced. It made Gabe feel uneasy. "May I remind you Gabriel, who I work for." He said in a dry Vulcan monotone.

It was not like Tevek to use first names on the bridge and now Gabe knew something was wrong. "I know perfectly well who you work for Lt. Commander, I would remind you to keep your station and give accurate reports." He ordered sternly fixing a glare that could kill.

As Gabe gave this harsh instruction the ship shook hard. The deck plates rumbled and he staggered across the deck. "Hijo du Puta! What was that Mr. Brash?" He asked regaining his balance and stumbling back to his seat.

The resistance dissipated beneath his hands as the holographic console shuttered in and out of phase. His fingers went through first, then his arms and his head. Ethan cried out, "Oh, dear!" as he caught himself and stopped just short of falling out of his chair. The stuttering stopped and the Systems Display, as well as the enhanced sensors, came back up. He finally registered the last thing his Commander said, his hands returning to their positions and fingers moving diagonally to reorient the three-dimensional Tesla diagram.

"You've been to Earth restaurants, yes? Have you ever had Goulash?"

The Tesla shuddered hard again. Gabe gripped the armrests of his chair to keep himself upright. "I have, made me sick to my stomach. You're point Mijo!?" He exclaimed.

"Well, it's like that, but the macaroni is plasma tornadoes and the beans are gravitational eddies. You wanna know what just hit us? Take your pick!" Ethan moved his screens around again, bringing up Main Systems Status. "We're still green across the board, but the shields took a hit. Nothing has blown up, yet... I think."

Gabe sighed hard. "This was not how today was supposed to go...Ensign Brash find what's shooting at us and Mr. Scheer if you would kindly like to take evasive action!" He ordered firmly

Karl turned in his chair to face Gabe while saying, "What kind of evasive....." seeing the look on his face Karl turned back to his station, "That kind. Got it." Remembering something from earlier, "Hey Ethan remember the holodeck?"

"My sternum remembers." Ethan grinned with a mix of nervousness and excitement. "Turn up the new settings?"

"That's right buddy give me everything to the engines!" Karl exclaimed. His fingers began to fly across the controls before finally jerking the ship to full impulse. Without even thinking he called out to the computer, "Computer activate my dogfighting playlist." Soft music began to play over the speakers before suddenly there was a scream, almost inhumanly sounding and hard metal music filled the bridge.

The Tesla lurched forward just as another plasma torpedo barely missed the aft section and flew between the nacelles. Karl rolled the ship, the pulled the nose back 180 degrees. Watching the sensors he noticed the enemy ship turned and started to pursue them. Karl let out a smile as he began to maneuver the ship into even more drastic twists and turns. Karl's fingers a blur, he pulled the ship extremely close to an anomaly that the area was famous for. Inching ever so closer with every pass as the two ships descended, Karl suddenly pulled the Tesla out of the turn.

Once free of the turn and seeing the opposing ship hot on their heels, Karl popped the nose of the ship up, dumped all the speed he had built up, rolled the ship onto her back, and pulled the nose back down. "Sir, I believe there's your shot."

When Taya realized someone was firing on the Tesla, an odd feeling swept through her. She felt fear, of course, but her increased adrenaline put that aside. It was more like everything she had eaten that day, was spinning inside her like a whirlpool.

She remembered a day her senior year at the academy, when the cadets in her social group were talking about what it would be like the first time they were in combat. Everyone was filled with bravado, proclaiming the great things they would do to protect their ships. Taya joined them, but in reality, none of them truly knew how they would perform. The strongest among them could curl into a ball and cry for their mother. She was proud of herself for remaining at her post and doing her duty.

Taya was surprised when soft music began to play, as she had never heard of such a thing. When it began to blare, she almost jumped out of her chair. She couldn't believe the captain would allow it. The volume was so loud, someone could be distracted or an important order could be missed. It could lead to someone being injured or even killed. She wondered if it was her place to say something about it later.

After Karl had finished making him feel like a tossed salad Gabe straightened up in his seat. "Computer, end musical playback!" He ordered over the din of the music and noises of the hull scraping the various anomalies outside. Ruggedly he ran his hands through his hair. "I don't know Mijo, can you manage a little more evasive and little more get us out of here?" He scowled.

Gabe appreciated not getting blown up by the enemy, but it was a pointless maneuver if your ship is destroyed by your own helmsman.

Karl chuckled, "With pleasure sir." Having leveled the ship out a few seconds ago, Karl popped the nose of the Tesla up, flipping the ship on its back once again before rotating the ship 180 degrees so now she was right side up. Quickly engaging the engines to full power as they sped away.

As the Tesla sped off Gabe looked across angrily to Tevek. "You knew they were here didn't you!" He stated through gritted teeth. Tevek just glanced back and raised an eyebrow. "Intelligence has known for some time that Thot Garn and his forces have begun exploring the Badlands." He replied in a calm Vulcan monotone.

Gabe slammed his fists against the armrests of his chair. "Then you should have said something instead of acting coy! Mr. Dexx remove this man from my bridge!" Gabe ordered with a stern tone.

Sol reacted quickly to his Captains' orders. "This way Mr. Tevek, if you would be so kind!" Sol commanded, ushering the Vulcan away from his station towards the turbo lift. He couldn't help but feel annoyed for doubting Tevek's earlier intelligence report, a sign the Sol was wrong, but also satisfied that his inclination towards this mysterious Vulcan was being proved right. He's not to be trusted.

Taya was shocked that Tevek hadn't given them more information about the Breen. After the captain ordered Tevek be removed, she felt like shrinking in her seat, even though she hadn't done anything wrong.

"Mr. Brash, have we lost our Breen tail?" Gabe asked between taking deep breaths to calm himself.

Ethan's hands were poised just above the console as he constantly used small movements and flicks to check and double-check the results. "They were chasing us, but I don't believe they were flying at top speed. Either they're afraid of moving too fast in the bad weather, or they're just trying to scare us off. I don't know, but I think we've 'lost' them for now."

Ethan turned back to Gabe with a look. It spoke loud and clear 'I don't like this'.

Taking one last deep breath Gabe glanced back at Ethan."I know Mijo." He whispered. Now the deck had finished lurching he tentatively got up from his seat and made his way to the duty engineering station.

While she was getting reports from engineering, Taya sensed someone moving towards her.

"Trial by fire eh Ensign? I need a damage report por favor." He ordered calmly resting on the console.

Taya's stomach fluttered again as she realized the captain was standing next to her.

"Fire. Yes, sir." Taya's mouth was dry. "There are some blown conduits and relays, one of the shield generators needs a diagnostic, and the port nacelle will need a new paint job." She smiled. "Nothing we can't handle. It could have been worse." She hoped she didn't sound like a dork.

Sensing discomfort Gabe rested a hand reassuringly on her shoulder. "Sounds like you're going to have your plate full when we get the other side." He said empathetically. But he knew getting the other side was easier said than done. He looked Taya in the eye. "We've still got ways to go before I can get us to a repair facility Mija, take a team and secure the critical systems. Get it done." He ordered in a firm fatherly tone.

Taya appreciated the captain assuring her that things would be okay. It had been a whirlwind for her since she came on board the Tesla, and shots fired from a Breen ship had been a dose of reality no holo simulation at the academy could duplicate. She also liked the confidence he was showing by putting her in charge of the repairs. There were certainly engineers with more experience, so maybe he was just giving her the opportunity to get some experience, too. Whatever his motives, Taya wasn't going to let him down.

"Yes, sir. I'll get right on it." She leaped so quickly out of her chair, she bumped into the captain. Horrified, she apologized, then scurried towards the turbolift, her cheeks warm and glowing like the badlands.

With Tevek gone and the Breen ship lost in the storm the environment on the bridge seemed to settle. But Gabe's senses told him the crew were still struggling. He was pleased when the eerie glow of the plasma storm lifted from the bridge and the image changed to a small area of clear space with a single star and planet hanging in the middle.

"Ensign Scheer, is this the place Mijo?" He asked hoping they had at least found the planet where Major Rozz had gone missing.

Nodding, "Yes sir. Dropping us into orbit now." Karl's fingers moved through the controls as he maneuvered the ship into a stable orbit. Once done, he swung his chair around to face the bridge crew, "Well, may have been a bumpy ride but we're here."


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