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A Flight To Remember

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 1:02am by Lieutenant JG Ethan Brash & Lieutenant JG Karl Scheer

Mission: Shake Down
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Day 06 - 15:00
1806 words - 3.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Karl was bent over working in the engine of the Spitfire he had spent the last 3 days trying to get back into the sky with some old 21st century, what some people called classic, rock playing in the background. Whenever Karl needed to blow off some steam, got bored, or needed to work through a problem this is always where he ended up. It was a holodeck program that he, his father, and grandfather all found joy in using. His father, being a ship designer for Starfleet, found it interesting looking at the old planes and figuring out how they worked. Karl's grandfather was a pilot and found joy in flying the old monoplanes. The combination of the two is how Karl developed a knack for fixing and flying.

Karl looked up as he heard the arch doors open and saw Ethan walking in. With grease and oil covering him Karl hoped down off the plane. He grabbed a towel and began to clean the dirt and grime from his hands as he walked over to Ethan, "What's up buddy?" He asked as he stuck his hand out.

The not-quite-clean hand didn't seem to phase the Operations officer as he took it with a friendly shake. "I came to talk to you about power attenuation in regards to impulse feedback." Ethan's attention was elsewhere, though. He let go of the pilot's hand as his blue eyes glanced over towards the strange-looking vehicle. "But I think I'm much more interested in... uh..." he tilted his head as he began to stare at it, "that thing."

Karl turned his head to look behind him with a confused look on his face. Seeing the plane, he put it together. "Oh, you mean the Spitfire? Yeah, she was a great plane. Helped win the Battle of Britain." Karl moved to stand beside Ethan, putting an arm around his shoulder, "This baby was one of the first planes to check the German Air Force in World War Two. Fast, agile, powerful armament. Who could ask for anything better?"

Ethan's hands met his hips. "The Germans, probably." His head shook slightly, a thick black lock of hair flowing down over his forehead before going back up into formation, like a loose stalagmite. "I'm not overly familiar with human history."

Karl walked back over to the plane and sat on the wing, "One of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. Great tactics and innovation came out of it though." As he finished talking he heard the faint sound of an air raid siren start to scream in the background. Karl turned to Ethan with the biggest grin on his face, "Well buddy you're in luck. Wanna go for a ride?"

Ethan pointed a red finger at the craft. "You want me to fly in that thing?" With a cackle, his teeth began to show. "Okay, flyboy, I'm in. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone." He said as he approached. "I still need to talk to you about Impulse drive feedback."

Karl laughed as he walked over to his workbench. He pulled off his mechanic jacket, tossing it on the bench, revealing a tee shirt and jeans underneath with a pair of black flight boots on his feet. He grabbed his flight jacket and a pair of old Aviator sunglasses off of the bench and threw them on. "Computer, modify the Spitfire to have a back seat." Karl instructed. He grabbed another flight jacket off of a coat rack next to the workbench and tossed it to Ethan, "Might wanna put that on. It gets pretty cold at 5000 feet."

Ethan could feel the fluff around the collar pull into his neck as he tugged on the left sleeve. "I assume this was normal for the time." He said as his right arm dug into the opposite side, appearing out the cuff. His Starfleet uniform was now hidden beneath. Ethan looked down at his arms and began zipping the jacket towards his collar. "It's... not a bad look."

Karl laughed, "Tactical and practical." The two officers climbed aboard the now modified plane, Karl taking the front seat as Ethan took the back. Karl started the engine, which ran perfectly smooth, and slowly eased the plane out of the shed that it was sitting in. Once in the open field, he increased power till the throttle was maxed out and began to pull back on the stick lifting the plane into the air. Karl pointed the nose of the plane towards the south and what he knew were in incoming enemy planes. Coming into view on either side of their plane were other planes painted in similar colors, "That's the rest of our squadron, things must be really bad if command is sending all of us up here," he remarked.

The wind was only partially blocked by the small glass partition in front of him. It streamed by his ears like the loudest of white noise. Ear pressure was different as they ascended, vertigo playing havoc with his center of mass. Ethan had to yell in order to be heard, "Squadron?" He looked left and right, noticing the allied air force, "Command?" He looked down towards the Earth, "And here I thought this was an engine-fixing sweat and grime simulator!"

Karl leaned his head back so Ethan had a better chance of hearing him, "That's definitely part of it!" He yelled over the roar of the engine. It was about that time that small black dots began to appear in the clouds on the horizon, looking like someone had spilled black pepper in the clouds. Karl smiled as this was his favorite part, "And here is the other part!" He yelled again. He pulled back on the stick causing the plane to climb in altitude. As the Spitfire reached the apex of the climb, Karl aggressively pushed the stick forward throwing the plane into a dive. Just as the engine began to scream from the added speed Karl called out, "Computer! Play my dogfighting playlist!"

Soft music began to play as Karl focused on the targets ahead of him trying to pick one out. His fingers danced on the controls in anticipation. Time seemed to slow down for the young Ensign as he hyper-focused in one one of the enemy planes. Just then there was a loud crash of musical instruments and a loud guttural screaming note that should not be coming from anything human. At that very moment, Karl squeezed the trigger and the cannons on both wings of their Spitf8re opened up.

As if from nowhere, small holes appeared in stainless steel colored wing supports. The repetitive pitter-pat of metallic rain grew until fully engulfed in the firey roar of high caliber munitions making swiss out of rudders and chassis.

There was nothing to soften the shockwave of the enemy craft's engine and fuel explosion. Ethan felt the impact in his sternum, tossed even further back into his seat, his legs kicking around in the small area they occupied. "Whoa!" Was all he could say in reaction. A smoke cloud blew in through the side as his co-pilot tilted the craft deftly to avoid a direct collision with the remains.

Karl rolled the plane while pulling back on the stick causing the plane to soar even higher into the sky. Traver rounds began to fly past the canopy. Karl tilted his head seeing two German fighters on their tail. "Hey Ethan, you might want to hold onto something!!!!" He shouted over the roar of the engine. As if on cue the plane began to fall.

"Wait, what?!"

Karl had slammed the throttle all the way back and killed the engine causing the plane to stall. In doing so, the German fighters flew right by the pair. Karl, seeing his opportunity, squeezed the trigger again ending in two more fireballs in the sky.

A mess of black hair popped back up in the co-pilot seat, followed by a red forehead and a pair of dizzy eyes. Ethan's hands pressed over his face, wiping up to brush the remnants of black explosion dust from his features.

"Okay, so," He called out loudly, pressing on despite all that was happening, "I've noticed you've been turning up the sensitivity on impulse acceleration," his breathing was deep as he looked about the sky, watching for more enemy aircraft, "and turning down the collision-detection autopilot safeties."

The skies seemed to be clear for a moment, so he continued, "Which is increasing power requirements, but also decreasing central processing requirements for your station. Are you going to keep those settings? If so, I was thinking about sending the extra compute time you're not using over to other systems, like increasing sensor accuracy."

"Hold that thought!" Karl yelled. Tracers once again flew past the canopy causing him to go on the defensive. This time, however, things would be different. Karl pulled back hard on the stick while simultaneously dumping the speed. The aircraft's nose popped up pulling the plane out of harm's way. The plane seemed to just hang in mid-air as the last of the enemy fighters flew by underneath the pair. Karl rolled the plane onto it's back, pointed the nose down, and throttled up. As soon as the enemy plane was in the crosshairs he fired. As the plane leveled out Karl called for the program to end leaving the two ensigns standing in the empty room. "Yeah, I'll probably keep those settings. The ship tends to move the way I like her to with them set that way."

The simulation ended, of course, but Ethan was still recovering from it all. He held onto his knees, staring downward. His eyes were fixated on the white outline box shapes that made up the holographic floor as they seemed to be moving, though he knew they weren't.

Finally, with his wits having returned, the Operations Chief pulled himself back to his full height. "That's good to know, Mr. Scheer." He reached down to unzip the flight jacket, only to realize the simulation took it off him when it ended. "Oh, right." Then he adjusted course and reached into his uniform vest, pulling out a PADD. "I'll have those adjustments ready to go by tomorrow."

Ethan then turned to leave. "Exit." His words brought to life the holodeck entrance which opened at his approach. For a moment, he stopped, looking back. "It's good to know the Tesla's in capable hands!" He shouted. The holodeck doors began to close. "Don't prove me wrong and crash the ship or anything! That would be emb-"

The doors cut him off.


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