General Order 2005

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Mission: Q The Music!
Location: USS Pasteur
Timeline: Current
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Thoran watched as the members of the away team dematerialized in a brilliant shimmer of light leaving behind the marines that were not injured in the withdrawal back to the beam in site. He turned back to his men who had been manning the corridors to the location. He could not be prouder of how his men had handled themselves, having protected the people they were assigned to and keeping casualties to one being wounded in the leg. Thoran took a deep breath, "Alright boys here is the situation. We have a Federation starship that has been boarded by hostiles. We have managed to evac everyone left alive onboard as well as grab some valuable intel as to what happened here." He paused and looked at every single face of the marines before him seeing that they understood what was being said. "Now here is why we were truly sent here. Under Starfleet General Order 2005, we cannot and will not leave the Pasteur in enemy hands. We will place charges around the warp core, detonating them and destroying the ship. Clear?!" The corridor was filled with the sounds of marines shouting their response of affirmation.

The marines moved down the corridors hugging the walls as they made their way to engineering with Thoran in the lead. The burning smells that had filled his nostrils when he had first beamed in had begun to fade a testament to how long they had been onboard and growing used to the scents. As the teams continued to make their way through the ruins of the ship, one of the lead marines held up his fist, indicating for everyone to stop. "Sir, I'm detecting at least four individuals just around the corner." Thoran nodded in response, "Good job." He motioned his hands giving silent signals to the rest of his team to fan out and prepare to attack. Once in place with everyone having lined up their shots Thoan gave the order to fire. Fifteen shots were fired in synchronization striking the four Malons simultaneously. The team continued it's movement not coming across any other opposition as they came to the door to main engineering. "Everyone hold up." Thoran called to his marines. He pulled up the schematics to the large room so everyone could see. "Here is the plan. Marksmen," Thoran made direct eye contact with the four marines that held the larger marksmen rifles, "You will take positions here, here, here and here," he motioned to the four indicated spots on the map signifying the spots with the best vantage points. "Team one, you will take position here, team two here, team three here and team four you will be with me acting as a quick reaction force. I fully expect the enemy to come as us hard and fast. Team leads, call our if you are getting overwhelmed. This his going to be a hard long fight. Take your time, line up your shots and listen to your team leaders and we will get through this."

The marines moved into the room and began to take up their positions with the three ground teams fortifying their positions as best they could and the marksmen getting into positions on the exposed upper deck so they could provide cover fire. Thoran had just finished designating two marines to place the charges and where when the first plasma burst streaked into the room landing against one of the barricades that had been set up. "Here we go!!!!" Thoran shouted to alert the rest of his men. He turned back to the marines placing the charges, "Get those charges set ASAP!!" Thoran quickly scanned the battle that was quickly escalating around him, looking to where he needed to place both himself and the two marines with him. Seeing that team one on his left flank was taking the most heat he quickly moved to that side of the action. Shots rang our form above them as the marksmen were lining up and taking their shots, quickly dropping the enemy in their sights. Thoran took a knee next to the barricade and began to open fire. Blue streaks of plasma quickly fired from the rifle in his hands and making contact with a Malon's chest. Thoran moved amongst his men moving from section to section helping hold the line. The two marines that were placing the charges came up to him as he was directing the fire of team two, "The charges are set sir." Thoran nodded, "Perfect. Everyone from up on team two!" He called out. he quickly analyzed the situation before coming up with a plan. Thoran noticed that the enemy had pulled back from the two flanks and seemed to be massing for one final assualt on the center of his line. "Team four, you are with me. We are going to move around the enemy line and draw their attention. When we open fire, the rest of you will begin to push into the enemy either catching them in the cross fire or causing them to route."

Thoran's team quickly made their way out into the corridor, noting the enemy dead as they moved. They moved into the corridor taking up positions to clear the hall before moving to the intersection that led back around to the main entrance. Thoran looked back and nodded to one of the young marine privates, Private Jenkins, who began taking several deep breaths in an attempt the steady his nerves. Jenkins and the other marine to the opposite side of the intersection so that there were two marines on either side, allowing for maximum fire to be delivered into the enemy. Having lined up his shot with what appeared to be and enemy officer, Thoran tapped his coms, "All teams engage!" With that command blue plasma erupted from the marines' rifles from the two different directions. Thoran's team kept firing into the the enemy formation slowly driving them back as the main body of the marines forced their way out into the corridor. In a last ditch effort to stop the onslaught of the marines, the enemy commander, Thoran guessed, charged the flanking team's position. He was moving too fast for the marines to get a clear shot on him forcing Thoran to strap his rifle to his back and drawing his short triangular blade from it's scabbard on his belt. He met the Malon's charge head on tackling him to the ground. As the two rolled on the ground, blue plasma bolts firing overhead, Thoran drove his knee into the chest of the enemy commander allowing him to roll his opponent onto his back. Thoran took position above his opponent and drove his blade into the Malon's neck, twisting the blade to open the wound. Thoran paused before drawing his pistol and firing at the now retreating enemy just in time to see the main body of the marines make their way into the corridor.

Thoran winced as he checked his shoulder wound noting that it had begun to bleed again. "Tackling the enemy and showing off your ground game is not exactly how you keep a wound from opening up boss." Solas remarked as the team made it's way back to the beam out point. "It was either that or have him break our line. How many did we lose?" Thoran asked in a somber tone. He knew the fight had been bloody but had not known how high the butcher's bill was. "We lost two. Privates Tholl and Griggs. We did recover their bodies and are taking them with us." Thoran noted the slight sign of a sad look on the Corporal's face as the two privates had been from his team. "We will make sure they are taken care of Corporal." The marines had finally reached the beam out point and called for a beam out. Thoran was cupping his shoulder as he turned to face the broken and burning wreck that was the remains of the USS Pasteur and could not help but shake his head as the shimmer of light overtook his vision.