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Tanner You're An Idiot!

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 5:44pm by
Edited on on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 5:46pm

Mission: The Lower Decks
Location: USS Tesla - Outside Sickbay
Timeline: Current
673 words - 1.3 OF Standard Post Measure

The cool blue and silver decks of the Tesla pulsated with a red glow from the alert sirens. Like two all American heroes from a comic book or a movie Bess Tillman and Beau Tanner ran down the corridor, their boots made a rapid clunking sound as they pounded against the polished metal deck plating.

At times like this not only did Beau feel like one of those clean cut old school heroes but he looked like one too. Handsome, square jawed, clean shaven and athletically built he was practically the poster boy for new Starfleet recruits. When you add to this his southern charm he could be a double threat when it came to working with women. He assumed this was why he was always partnered up with Bess.

He glanced at her as they ran and flashed a charming smile. But Bess didn't pay any attention, instead her piercing blue eyes remained fixed on the deck ahead. Slender with an angular face and undercut blonde hair Bess Tillman looked the very definition of a strict CO. This appearance and attitude was one she had been sculpting ever since bootcamp and she was not about to change any time soon. If Beau wanted someone to charm or flirt with he had met his match.

"Keep your eyes front Tanner." She ordered in a husky feminine voice. Tanner gave a mock salute. "Sure thing, Ma'am." He hollered back in a Louisiana drawl. Bess upped her pace to get ahead and cracked a thin smile. "Tanner you make me laugh." She retorted as they turned the corner. "You could get any girl on this ship and you go for the only one who's not interested."

Beau laughed. "I would spread the love Tillman, but you keep me glued to your hip." He beamed. "May give a man the wrong idea."

Bess shook her head, her short ponytail swished from side to side. "Oh Tanner you're way out of line." She scolded him as she came abruptly to a halt by the hatch to sickbay. She turned sharply on her heel to face Beau who was hot on her heels. In that instant the two of them collided their flack vests bumped together and they came eye to eye. Beau smiled. "Now what's so wrong with me?" He asked flashing a pearly white smile.

Bess looked like she was lowering her guard and smiled back sweetly. She rested the palms of her hands on Beaus' flack vest and softly tilted her head. "Nothing, ita just, well you're missing two things I do like and have one thing I don't like!" She said pushing Beau firmly away.

Staggering backward Beau looked stunned, not that Bess had pushed him, getting his ass kicked by her happened on a daily basis. But he felt more than a little floored by her answer. "Hmm makes sense." He finally remarked with a wide grin. Another sharp shove came to Beaus chest as Bess pushed him hard again. "You can wipe that shit eating grin off your face and quit your daydreaming too. We've got a job to do." She snapped at Beau.

This time Beau was caught completely off guard and crumpled to a pile in front of the hatch to sickbay. Bess looked down at Beau and smiled as she stepped over him to take her guard position. "Come on Tanner, on your feet." She ordered as she un holstered her phaser and firmly set it to maximum stun.

Beau grinned again. "Yes Ma'am." He replied as he dusted himself off. "Yes Ma'am." He repeated under his breath as he stood to attention and upholstered his own phaser. As soon as Tanner finished taking up his position he felt a sharp shining jab to his arm. Bess had reached across and tumped him hard. He winced as he stared ahead. "What was that for?" He asked, still wincing.

Bess just smiled and stared ahead. "Tanner you're an idiot!" She chuckled.

Tanner smirked. "I know boss, I know!"


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