Tour - Main Bridge

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The command and control centre for the USS Tesla.

Additional Information

Location Deck One
Description Shiny, new and robust the bridge for the USS Tesla is the nerve centre for the whole ship. It has holographic controls, and the latest in ODN and bioneural circuitry. There are two entrances at the rear, one leading to the ready room/briefing room and the other leads to deck one. At the fore of the bridge is a holographic view screen. Behind the main viewer is the helm station 1 and 2. In the middle of the ship is the commanding officers station, this is flanked by the mission ops console and tactical station. There are four stations around the edge of the bridge. In a clockwise direction from the main viewer these are: operations, engineering, inteligence and science. In the middle of the back wall is the main turbolift shaft leading to the rest of the ship.