Specifications - Starbase Gibraltar

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Starfleet's primary base of operations in the Orion sector, the starbase was built in close proximity to the triangle to show the Federation flag and provide safe harbour for civilian shipping and Starfleet vessels.

SBG operates as the Emergency Dispatch and Control for support vessels operating in the sector, including the USS Tesla its primary Rapid Response Vessel. SBG operates a Command Centre handling all distress calls for the Sappora system and neighbouring systems via an advanced long range sensor and communications array.


Registration SB 914-G
Class Stardock
Role Sector Command and Emergency Dispatch
Duration 200 years
Time Between Refits 20 years


Length 8910 meters
Width 10930 meters
Height 13460 meters
Decks 2500


Officers 12790
Enlisted Crew 72120
Marines 1296

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto Modulating
High Capacity
Defensive Systems Ablative Armour
Structural Integrity Field
Orbital Defence Platforms
Phasers Type XII Array: 851
Torpedo Launchers 56
Torpedoes Photons: 18050
Quantum: 7220
Polaron: 1330