Name Description
USS Tesla A Merian class starship she is named for Human scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. She has been assigned to Starfleets 9th Fleet in Task Force 72 as a rapid response vessel.

The Merian class is equipped with a roll bar that allows it to change possible roles at a starbase, reconfiguring the Merian class as is needed to suit mission parameters.
Starbase Gibraltar Starfleet's primary base of operations in the Orion sector, the starbase was built in close proximity to the triangle to show the Federation flag and provide safe harbour for civilian shipping and Starfleet vessels.

SBG operates as the Emergency Dispatch and Control for support vessels operating in the sector, including the USS Tesla its primary Rapid Response Vessel. SBG operates a Command Centre handling all distress calls for the Sappora system and neighbouring systems via an advanced long range sensor and communications array.