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Following a personal hiatus the Tesla is back with a new crew and a new focus. This is the next generation of the Tesla and these are our voyages!

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The Tesla is ordered to return to Starbase Gibraltar for debriefing and new crew assignments. But they are called away to the nearby Romulan colony of Gravix Four who claim to be under attack from the Borg.

But have the Borg really returned or is this just another Romulan ruse?

Q The Music!

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Close to the former Roman Neutral Zone, a deadly and invisible enemy starts taking lives and destroying homes. A build up of deadly theta radiation has Starfleet on high alert! On detached duty from TF 72 The USS Tesla is ordered to patrol the Neutral Zone to protect the border, render assistance to damaged vessels and endangered citizens.

Receiving a distress call from the medical transport ship USS Pasteur the Tesla moves to intercept, but the situation is more dangerous and troublesome as the crew deal with some unexpected and unwanted 'help' from a mischievous entity!

31 Problems

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The Tesla is identified for investigation by the Temporal Integrity Commission for several breaches of protocol on their last mission.

As the crew of the Tesla are already exposed to time travel they are selected for a mission to go back to 1980's America to retrieve a Starfleet officer believed to have gone rogue. The officer in question is former Tesla commanding officer Gabriel Reyes!

But is the mission as cut and cry as it seems as two suspicious temporal agents are assigned to observe.