Character Development

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This group contains posting threads for character development, Obsidian Fleet competitions and showcases.

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Included Missions

These Were The Voyages.....

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These were the voyages of our characters before they came to the Tesla. These are the pasts that have shaped our present and will define our futures.

**Mission Thread has been closed and moved to completed**
The crew have requested this thread be closed and moved to completed in favour of our new 'Lower Decks' Thread.

Show Case

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This is a place for players to show case posts they wouldnt normally get to share. These can include posts for competitions, side projects or just little passion projects.

These posts should in someway use their character from the Tesla. Posts from other sites are not allowed.

**Thread Closed and Moved to Completed**
This thread has been closed at the request of the crew. Show case pieces will now be handled as part of the 'Lower Decks' thread.