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Close to the former Roman Neutral Zone, a deadly and invisible enemy starts taking lives and destroying homes. A build up of deadly theta radiation has Starfleet on high alert! On detached duty from TF 72 The USS Tesla is ordered to patrol the Neutral Zone to protect the border, render assistance to damaged vessels and endangered citizens.

Receiving a distress call from the medical transport ship USS Pasteur the Tesla moves to intercept, but the situation is more dangerous and troublesome as the crew deal with some unexpected and unwanted 'help' from a mischievous entity!

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The Lower Decks

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It's champagne and medals again in the observation lounge for the officers that have just saved the Federation from another Borg invasion, Doomsday machine or sub space disaster.

In the meantime where are you? Scrubbing plasma conduits, patching holes in the hull, watching the brig or waiting for the results of that all important level four diagnostic.

It's a hard life on the lower decks, but someones gotta do it!

The USS Tesla, Starfleet's premier first responder proudly presents the best sidekicks, enlisted crew and system specialists as they tackle the day to day running of the ship on the lower decks!

31 Problems

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The Tesla is identified for investigation by the Temporal Integrity Commission for several breaches of protocol on their last mission.

As the crew of the Tesla are already exposed to time travel they are selected for a mission to go back to 1980's America to retrieve a Starfleet officer believed to have gone rogue. The officer in question is former Tesla commanding officer Gabriel Reyes!

But is the mission as cut and cry as it seems as two suspicious temporal agents are assigned to observe.

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The Tesla is ordered to return to Starbase Gibraltar for debriefing and new crew assignments. But they are called away to the nearby Romulan colony of Gravix Four who claim to be under attack from the Borg.

But have the Borg really returned or is this just another Romulan ruse?

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Shake Down

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The year is 2396, it has been 6 years since the loss of Admiral Lorenzo Dumas and the USS Horizon in Romulan Space. Now listening posts along the former Romulan Neutral Zone have picked up a faint distress signal in Admiral Dumas voice and carrying his former credentials.

The message is addressed to Gabriel Reyes, a former Star Fleet Commander and protege of Admiral Dumas. In a bid to discover the fate of Admiral Dumas and the Horizons crew Commander Reyes is recalled to active duty and given command of the USS Tesla. One of the newest and fastest vessels in StarFleet, the Tesla is being repurposed as a Search and Rescue mission.

Reporting to Starbase 50 Commander Reyes begins to look up old friends and recruit a crew for his new command. But in the shadows lies a little mischief and a little danger as an unexpected power takes a shine to Commander Reyes and his crew.

Episode One - Skunkworks

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Located in the Orion sector New Sydney was once an independent colony close to an area of space known as 'The Triangle'. A polluted and villainous planet full of nothing but mining colonies and syndicate hideouts New Sydney was once the refuge for those in the galaxy that didn't want to be found. In the year 2384 New Sydney became a full Fledged Federation colony. Over the next few years the environment began to change. While mining operations continued the pollution was cleaned up and the criminal element was largely evicted by StarFleet.

New Sydney is now a busy planet with clean metropolitan cities. It also has several research facilities. In orbit around the colony is Starbase Gibraltar as well as several dry docks that form the New Sydney shipyards.

The USS Tesla has finished shakedown and has docked at Starbase Gibraltar to have its roll bar fitted with additional sensors and finish conversion to SAR configuration. While work continues on the ship the crew enjoy some leave and prepare for their larger mission of locating Admiral Dumas and survivors from the Horizon.

But before they can leave the crew must solve troubling new faults that have popped up all over the Tesla and deal with a threat to New Sydney and the entire Federation.

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These Were The Voyages.....

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These were the voyages of our characters before they came to the Tesla. These are the pasts that have shaped our present and will define our futures.

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Show Case

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This is a place for players to show case posts they wouldnt normally get to share. These can include posts for competitions, side projects or just little passion projects.

These posts should in someway use their character from the Tesla. Posts from other sites are not allowed.

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