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Ensign Tozavel Prex

Name Tozavel Prex

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 22

Administrative Information

Data Access Level Level 4
Command Code Prex Beta 4
Serial Number SFO-L972 0134 2392

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tozavel’s has sparkling dark grey eyes that are usually alight with mischief and childish joy. His short stature and lean build enable him to enact many pranks. He keeps his unruly black locks cut short enough to not impair his vision. An assortment of scars litter his face, hands, arms, and upper torso from a childhood accident.


Father Sador Prex
Mother Lorsa Prex
Brother(s) Mirven Prex
Jubin Prex
Sister(s) Amo Prex

Personality & Traits

General Overview Usually tries to smile and be friendly with everyone. If he gets too bored and restless will play harmless pranks on people. He is a dedicated and focused pilot. When he lies, Tozavel tells the most unbelievable lies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Good piloting skills from years of joys rides and Flight School. Developed trapping skills from all his pranking. Good at infiltrating from years of sneaking and by passing security to explore ships. He is practically ruled by his curiosity and has a tendency to find or make trouble. His self-preservation is practically nonexistent.
Ambitions Tozavel’s goal in life is to fly and explore new places.
Hobbies & Interests He likes to tinker, enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together along with seeing if he can make them explode. A slightly unhealthy obsession with starships and flying that usually ends with him in trouble. He has an undying curiosity that has him exploring everything.

Personal History Tozavel was born on Deep Space 7 to Sador and Lorsa Prex. The third of four children, Tozavel was an energetic child and spent a lot of his childhood with his little brother in tow bouncing between the engineering department with his father, the Science Department with his mother, and the Security Department with his sister. It was in Engineering he learned to tinker and Security he found the joy of pranks. An accident within the Science Department would leave him scarred, but with a newly discovered fascination with explosions and his younger brother, Jubin, a passion for medicine.
Tozavel loved exploring and routinely ended up in places he shouldn't be, like every ship he ran across. It was a common sight of Tozavel being escorted or lectured by his family for whatever mischief he managed to get into. Afterwards he'd behave as well as he could before restlessness or boredom took hold and Tozavel would be off again. By the time he was in his teens it was assumed if something happened with a ship that Tozavel was the source of the disturbance.
At 18, Tozavel headed off to Starfleet Academy excited about the new places to discover. Getting into Flight School was a dream come true with all his access to the ships, though he still managed to end up in places he shouldn't be more often than not. Tozavel was bottom in ranking of the class not liking the academic portion of school more focused on getting his hands on an actual ship. The instructors had a time trying to keep him in class and focused; he was usually escorted to whatever class he was supposed to be in by security after being apprehended. By the time he graduated, the security division and Tozavel were on a first name basis.
When he received his orders for Starbase Gibraltar he was excited to finally get his own ship. Then disappointed that he would be used mostly for flying shuttles.
Service Record 2392-2396 Starfleet Academy