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Captain Q

Name Q

Position Q

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Q
Age --

Administrative Information

Physical Appearance

Height Variable
Weight Variable
Hair Color Grey/White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description This member of the Q Continuum has appeared to the crew of the Tesla in the guise of an African/Caribean Human male of advanced years. His short and cropped hair is a greying white and he has a neat greying white beared. His dark brown eyes are full of age, wisdom and mischief. He appears of average height and build for a Human male and often appears in a command uniform. The Tesla crew are aware however that Q can change his appearance at will and may not appear in the form or body they are acustom too.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Bored, Mischievous and unpredictable are some of the best ways to describe this Q. He is loud and jovial and enjoys tricks and practical jokes as well as misdirection.

He is older than most Q that have previously been encountered by Starfleet and this shows he is easily exhausted by his encounters with the crew and disappears quickly when challenged. He likes to dispense with pearls of wisdom and knowledge he has picked up throughout his life. He sees himself as a great philosopher as well as a trickster.

Despite his more annoying personality traits he does have a caring attitude towards mortals and does not want to see anyone hurt or killed. While he is playful he is not vindictive or malicious.

Personal History This Q is as old as the universe its self, possibly older. As a result his powers are a bit hit and miss as to whether they have the desired effect. There is also the strange quirk that his appearences and disapearances are trackable with current technology.

While his encounters with the Tesla are the first recorded Starfleet encounters it is suspected he has had many encounters with Federation member species over his life time.