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Lieutenant T'esh'ia zh'Solom'aa (Tesha)

Name T'esh'ia zh'Solom'aa (Tesha) MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 30

Administrative Information

Data Access Level Level 4
Command Code Tesha Beta 4
Department Override Codes Tesha Beta 4 Sigma
Serial Number SFM-O 972 1134 2382 TA

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 125 pounds
Hair Color white
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tesha is slightly taller than the average Human female and has a slender build. She has a pretty face surrounded by long white hair. She has blue eyes, blue skin, and a pair of antennae.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Eshob ch'Solom'aa
Mother T'rell'a zh'Solom'aa
Brother(s) Shor ch'Solom'aa
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tesha has the typical Andorian traits of being blunt, direct, and to the point. She is disciplined, but has a fiery side. Being raised in a clan-based society, she's fiercely loyal to the point of putting the greater good before herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tesha is strong-willed, loyal, and giving. She has a genius IQ. Though disciplined, her temper and blunt personality can sometimes be easily set off. She says what she thinks, usually without regard to someone's feelings. She feels the truth is the truth, so why water it down?
Ambitions Tesha aspires to be the best doctor possible. She hopes to command a starship one day. If the right man comes along, she wants to marry and have children.
Hobbies & Interests Tesha is an accomplished field medic, as well as a medical doctor. She is athletic, intelligent, and insightful. She has a beautiful singing voice. She has a gift for learning languages quickly. She is adept at discerning puzzles and patterns, especially involving sound or music. She enjoys outdoor activities in the cold, dancing, roller skating, poetry, and telling stories.

Personal History Tesha was born on Andoria in 2366. She is the younger of two children, with an older brother. It was discovered in her early years, that she was much more perceptive and intelligent for her age. Testing revealed she had a genius IQ to the level of being a prodigy. She also had an ear for music, a beautiful singing voice, and the ability to recognize patterns and quickly learn languages. Because of all of this, she received advanced schooling.

At first, Tesha found it difficult to make friends. She had a greater intelligence, but she also had the immaturity that went with her age. While dealing with that, other children were sometimes jealous of her, or she came across as superior. Tesha got into fights, but as she matured, she found a balance and was able to fit into Andorian society.

Both of Tesha's parents fought in the Dominion War, so she and her brother stayed with relatives. Both survived, but her mother was wounded and received a medical discharge from Starfleet. Because of this, Tesha began showing an interest in the medical field. The more she read and studied, the more she was drawn to it.

Though ready at an intellectual level to join Starfleet, for the sake of maturity, Tesha wasn't accepted until she was sixteen. Easily passing the entrance exam, she left for Earth, filled with the excitement of what lay ahead for her.
Service Record Tesha entered Starfleet Academy in 2382 at age sixteen, specializing in pre-med. It was an adjustment meeting so many different cultures, but overall, she fit in and had an amazing time. After graduating, she attended Starfleet medical for four years. She graduated fourth in her class.

Because of her preference for cold weather, Tesha served her internship at Stockholm General Hospital in Sweden.

in 2391, at age twenty-five, Tesha was assigned to Starbase 403. She was initially disappointed, as her dream was to serve on a starship, as her parents did.

In Tesha's first year on 403, she had an interesting time getting along with her shift supervisor. Tesha's blunt and direct personality was viewed as a poor bedside manner. Her supervisor felt a gentler approach was better. Tesha believed that truth was truth, so there was no point in hiding it in false hope. Her successes as a doctor got her through it until she attained enough seniority to move to another shift.

In her third year, the son of the base XO was severly injured in a spring ball accident. Tesha was there watching the match, so she rushed onto the court, stabilizing the boy until he could be taken to surgery. She was credited with saving his life.

In 2396, an opening for chief medical officer on a new ship, the USS Tesla, became available. Tesha applied and was accepted. She was promoted to full lieutenant.