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Ensign Taya Lenwa

Name Taya Lenwa

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 22

Administrative Information

Data Access Level Level 4
Command Code Lenwa 4 Beta
Department Override Codes Lenwa 4 Beta Epsilon
Serial Number SF-2392-33399804-TL - OF972

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 125 pounds
Hair Color brown/black
Eye Color black
Physical Description Taya is a little taller than the average woman. She has black eyes. Her hair is long, and both black and brown, as Betazoid women are known for sometimes having unique hair styles. She exercises regularly to stay in top physical shape.


Spouse not married
Children none
Father Rax Lenwa, a high school math teacher.
Mother Mira Lenwa. She stayed home to raise the children and take care of the family.
Brother(s) Davan Lenwa is the oldest of three. He became a history teacher, following his father in the field of education. He is married and has two children.
Sister(s) Keanna (Lenwa) Ramar, the middle child. She is married, with one child. She works several days a week in the local high school as a teacher's aid, though most of her time is spent at home with her child. Her husband, Jaro Ramar, works in business management.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taya is generally a quiet and laid-back person. She's patient, observant, and has an eye for detail. She often thinks outside the box, noticing or understanding things others don't see. She prefers a small circle of friends and doesn't often initiate new relationships or conversations with people she doesn't know. She's just as happy spending an evening alone as she is at a social gathering. On duty, she's fair and treats everyone equally. She wants each person to succeed and accomplish their goals. She has a dry sense of humor and loves puns. She has a genius IQ.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Taya has a sharp mind, with keen instincts. She tries to see issues or topics from both sides. She's adept at noticing patterns, especially in math or music.

Weaknesses. Though healed, Taya has always felt not having telepathic or empathic abilities was a weakness. There are times she's too blunt and direct, which can offend people. She can become annoyed if she needs to explain something multiple times to the same person. Sometimes she's easily angered, especially if she believes someone is talking about her.
Ambitions Taya wants to explore, grow as a person, and learn as much as she can. She enjoys sharing the wonders of the universe with others, desiring that they appreciate things as much as she does. She hopes to command a starship one day. If the right man comes along, she wants to marry and have children.
Hobbies & Interests Taya is athletic, so she's played and enjoyed sports, with baseball as her favorite. She also follows football. She also enjoys roller skating. She likes to read, and has dabbled in writing poetry. She likes watching archived vids of old television shows, most notably, police dramas. She likes outdoor gatherings like picnics and barbecues. Sitting around a campfire at night with friends, would be a special evening. She loves music, especially marches and classical. She can play basic tunes on a keyboard, but she's not an expert. She has a strong ear for music.

Personal History Taya was born on Betazed. For her early years, she had a normal childhood. However, when she was age seven, while playing with other children, she fell and hit her head on a rock. She suffered a traumatic injury to the part of the brain that controlled telepathy and empathy. The technology of modern medicine saved her life, but Taya was in a coma for 23 days.

As Taya grew older, she was closely monitored, but well into her teen years, it was clear that her psychic abilities would never develop. Because of this, she was never fully a part of Betazoid culture. It caused her to often be alienated by other children. The more cruel picked on her, calling Taya, Ferengi Girl. This led to many fights. Oddly, it was discovered that Taya was immune to being read by telepaths or empaths. Other than extensive counseling sessions, her sister was always there for her. Though she couldn't fully understand what Taya was experiencing, she was the foundation of the support she needed to heal.

Taya had always loved laying on a blanket at night, looking at the stars and dreaming of visiting all of them. She made up stories and adventures in her mind, knowing that one day, she would see them for herself. This drew her to studying astronomy and science. Because she didn't have telepathy, when Taya was 18, her father encouraged her to apply to Starfleet Academy.

Taya traveled to the Starfleet facility on her home world and went through the application process. She passed, but there was concern that she was still emotionally dealing with the after affects of her injuries. More counseling sessions later, it was determined that Taya could join, but she was required to have regular counseling. All of this bothered her, but it was the price she had to pay to join.

At the academy, Taya expected to be picked on, but that didn't happen. Most races weren't telepathic, so she fit in, the first time that happened for her. Taya's four years there were the happiest time of her life. Taya graduated with a degree in engineering,
Service Record Taya was assigned to the USS Tesla after graduating from Starfleet Academy.