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Lieutenant JG Rook Allende

Name Rook Allende M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 30

Administrative Information

Data Access Level Level 4
Command Code Rook 4 Beta
Department Override Codes Rook 4 Beta Sigma
Serial Number SF-2383-44829991-AR - OF972

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 159 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Black hair matched by dark eyes that are reflective of the delight he takes in life. He's an eclectic dresser when off-duty (and some would say indifferent to fashion in general) but nearly always with long sleeves because he gets cold easily. He is facially expressive and readily communicates his emotional state through body language. Lean owing more to a high metabolism than any sort of a dedicated workout routine.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Endrys Allende
Mother Malia Benoit
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has an innate understanding of the value of teamwork. He is strong minded though generally willing to compromise. Loyalty is key to his personality. Family matters as does the safety and care of the weak. He is generally confident, tolerant, patient, and often generous. He can be playful and supportive, is something of a natural leader but mostly, is intensely curious, an explorer at heart.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Intelligence backed by an eidetic memory; this is as much a curse as it is a blessing.
+ Telepathic and empathic with strong shields; can recognize and ward off psychic intrusion
+ Strong sense of right/wrong and personal honor
+ Socially adept with a good sense of humor/fun
+ Enjoys puzzles and is good at out-of-the-box thinking
+ Honest and straightforward
+ Not fearful by nature - bugs, reptiles, dark places, unusual food choices, none of that bothers him.

- Freedom matters. Doesn't do well when confined/trapped/caged. More than a little independent, a free spirit.
- Thrives within a community. Doesn't do well when isolated for extended periods of time.
- Finds it hard to resist a mystery. Put a wrapped present in a trapped room and he'll find a way to get to it.
- Finds it hard to let things go - can be stubborn and persistent in pursuit of an answer
- Has cold feet - often wears socks to bed

+ Coffee
+ Spending time in nature. Coffee in the morning by the campfire, sleeping in a tent, long hikes, time spent at a slower pace
+ Reading - he's a voracious reader

- Food that moves under its own power. Subdue it before it's brought to the table, please
- Anything to do with cooking -- bless those replicators
- Pastel colored anything
- Anything sweet
Ambitions - Go somewhere everyone else hasn't been too first
- Learn how to surf
- Do something scary - like hang gliding, bungee jumping …. (Terrans have a lot of the cool stuff that way)
- Read the best 100 books from every Federation world
- Learn a martial art
- Convince his parents that there is culture outside of the home world
Hobbies & Interests + Ballet
+ Reading
+ Live performances at the theater
+ Hiking/Camping
+ Spending time with friends

Personal History Born on Earth to Betazoid parents, he became a child of two worlds. Culturally, at home, he was Betazoid. He followed the traditions of his people. He knew the history and the stories. To widen his viewpoint, his parents chose to send him to the local schools. His parents were research scientists working for Starfleet and as such, had long ago adapted to life among a variety of cultures and wanted the same experience for their son.

He attended private schools in London that emphasized social responsibility and offered a wide variety of programs. He studied ballet, fencing (for a time), swimming, and LaCrosse though intellectually he was drawn to the life sciences. He made friends easily and proved to be a good student.

At puberty, when his telepathic and empathic abilities surged to the forefront, he struggled under the onslaught of the undisciplined minds that surrounded him. Withdrew from his friends and struggled both in class and in clubs. The cause was readily apparent and one of his teachers, a Vulcan named Sovak, began instructing him in the mental disciplines he needed. Through these sessions, he became interested in Vulcan philosphy and while he'd never be brilliant at chess, he did enjoy losing to Sovak while they discussed a wide range of subjects.

In some respects, his activities reflected the duality of his life. The Betazoid, open to life and the minds of those around him, believed in social responsibility and began to focus his studies on a career in medicine. However, through the school and the friends he made there, he also became interested in competition, through LaCrosse, and the creative expression of dance, through ballet.

He knew he would become a doctor, had known that for some time and redoubled his training with Sovak so that by the time he entered the Academy, he already possessed a formidable set of personal shields. While at the Academy, he took additional training to help him identify and dampen psychic intrusion into his own head, along with the reinforcement of his control over his telepathic and empathic abilities.
Service Record 2366: Born on Earth to Betazoid parents
2380: Began university-level (advanced placement) work in Life Sciences
2383: Enrolled in Starfleet Medical Academy
2389: Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy
2391: Two-Year Residency in Trauma Surgery at Starfleet Medical, Earth
2391: Assigned to the USS Blackwell.
Commended for performance above and beyond.
2394: Promoted to Asst Chief Medical Officer
Commended for courage under fire
2396: Transferred to the USS Tesla