Rear Admiral Cornelius Harrington III

Name Cornelius Michael Harrington III

Position Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Administrative Information

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Brown, hints of grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing at barely five feet, seven inches Neil is considered small stature for a human. While his physical stature doesn’t necessarily give of a commanding present, his demeanor and mannerisms do. His light blue eyes and slight features have given him an almost youthful quality, which has often caused him to be mistaken for a younger man, rather than a man who is in his forties.

Perhaps the only real tell to Neil’s age is his hair, as hint of grey have start to creep. Once people look past the exterior features it is clear in his eyes that the man has seen a lot throughout his life. Neil speaks with a slight English accent that had dimmed over the years as he hasn’t really set foot in England since joining the Academy. Only those who are truly paying attention would pick it up, as he tends to speak with more of a West Coast accent.

While on duty, Neil tends to wear Star Fleet’s open variant Duty Uniform style; with rank and comm badge on the jacket rather than his under shirt. Off duty, he is much more casual leaving rank at the door he tends to wear khaki’s and a shirt. Since moving into Command and now a Flag Officer, Neil has adopted to always having a communicator with him for emergencies.


Children Daughter:
Teresita Tess Elizabeth Harrington - 6,
Ariana "Ari" Toril - 7 months

Charles "Charlie" Toril - 7 months
Father Mr. Cornelius Harrington, II - 69, Earth
Mother Mrs. Joleen Harrington - 67, Earth
Other Family Grandfather: Sen. Cornelius Harrington, I - 90, Earth

Grandmother: Pamela Louise Harrington - 91, Earth
Adopted Brother: Lt. Commander Greg Alein, 37, Executive Officer, USS Merlin

Deceased Wife: Lucia Pineda- 31, (D)
Foster Son: Macrea "Mikky" McKauley - 5

Personality & Traits

General Overview Neil is very much a man that most say is at odds with his personality and his career. As a gifted Diplomat, he is a nature speaker and a very outgoing man; however his job has dimmed his a larger than life personality. Over the years, he has felt the need to reign himself in while around the crew he supervises.

As his physical prowess is not that imposing, Neil is a very intelligent man who has the ability to use his charm in convincing crew to accomplish any task assigned. As a highly motivational speaker Neil is good with words, as his position would require. On duty the man is direct, and demands his crew dedication. But in turn his is faithfully committed to protecting his crew, almost to a fault.

It is off duty that Neil’s personality suffers the most. While internally he wants to socialize, he feels the need to protect his love ones and not allow too many people in. Since the devastating loss of his wife, this desire has manifested itself even more. He is super-protective of Tess, and maintains a strict need to know basis on his child and their information. There is very few people that Neil trusts with the care of his child, but he over time he is learning that the life of a single father requires trust.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Diplomacy – Neil is a skilled speaker, with the heart of a Counselor with the brain of a politician. His years in the Diplomatic Corp has given him the traits needed to not only listen to the needs of others but be able to turn things needs into actions.

+ Loyalty – Neil tends to trust those around him, completely. He is dedicated to his staff, and will go to bat for them 10 out of 10 times. If he calls you friend, he means it.

+ Adaptability - Neil’s work and training in Star Fleet has given him the unique ability to be adaptable at a moment’s notice

- Time Management - Neil tends to spread himself to thin, while he trusts those under him he likes to keep his hands in the pot as they say.

- Type A personalities - Neil truly dislikes unreasonable, stubborn people. Super competitive people drive him nuts.
Ambitions Neil had no desire to move up the chain beyond a Commanding Officer, that is not to say if the situation came up that he would deny it. It is only meant to say that he is not actively pursuing a Flag Officer position. He is truly happy as a Commanding Officer. However since moving into a Flag Officer position, Neil has had to rethink his career goals and determine what is now best for his family.

As to his family, he only wants to be the best father he can be. As a single father, he is pleased with this assignment, as he feels it will allow him to give a normal life to his daughter. Secretly Neil would like to work things out with his parents but he doesn’t see that as a possibility. But in all honesty he realized that might never happen. He hasn’t spoken to his family since joining the Academy.
Hobbies & Interests Despite turning his back on his heritage and lifestyle, remnants of his old life creep in from time to time. Neil enjoys old earth classical music from around the 1980s, and the occasional glass of wine. He is also an avid reader, preferring real paperback books, as to the electronic ones of the age. He feels that holding the book in his hands, allows him to feel more of the book’s meaning. Perhaps one of Neil’s strangest hobbies is his collect of old glass bottles; he has them all over his quarters. He typically picks one up here and there as his travels allow it.

Personal History 'Born in May of 2353, Neil was the only child born to Cornelius and Joleen Harrington. From an early age, neither of the Harrington parents were ever able to connect to Neil on an emotional level. A throwback to the old English lifestyle, the Harrington’s were very aristocratic in their behavior and saw children in general as something that needed to be neither heard nor seen. Behind the scenes, things were very different. While many saw a normal family, Neil's father was extremely abusive and took most of his anger out of Neil. From an early age, Neil was raised in the care of Nanny’s or other guardians. As a small child, it was clear to most that Neil had the heart of a listener, very gentle in his interactions with everyone. With encouragement from all the right sources, Neil set dreams for a life in Star Fleet; even though his parents strongly disagreed. Neil’s skills as a listener further developed as he progressed in school. Earning several positions in student government, Neil developed a passion for political life. What the young Harrington lacked in physical ability, he made up for in intelligence and political skills.

Graduating from High School as Student Body President all four years Neil’s life seemed to be set in stone. Wanting to work in the far reaches of deep space and get out of the shadow of his parents, Neil knew that Star Fleet would be the vehicle for his career. Neil started his studies at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Political Science, and Diplomacy. After earning his four-year degree, Neil enrolled in Starfleet Academy where he was accepted into an advanced placement program due to his educational background. During his two years at Star Fleet Officer training, he learned the basics about ship-life, the Federation, and Starship Operations. He enjoyed expanding his understanding of alien species, specifically to applying his unique skills to species both the known and unknown. During his Academy life, he made a remark regarding having to wait on shuttles to get around, a friend jokingly suggested he become a pilot so waiting on a shuttle would no longer be an issue. Neil took the man’s comment as a personal challenge and took the required courses in shuttle operations becoming a certified Pilot, before the end of his two years.

Neil’s first assignment was to the busy port of Starbase 226, a hub for commerce and interstellar trade routes, both far and wide. During his tenure aboard the station, he was periodically assigned to the stations support vessel, the Nova class, USS Sierra; while it patrolled the shipping lanes in the sector or rendered assistance to vessels in distress. This additional duty assignment gave the budding Diplomat just the push he needed. Life on the station kept the new Officer busy, but Neil always felt that something was missing; he wanted to be “out there”. He wanted to see more of the world beyond the walls of the station. Starbase 226 saw an important change to the young Officer’s life, one that would follow him throughout the rest of his career. It was here that Harrington met a young Security Officer named Greg Alein. While Alein and Harrington were polar opposites the two shared a mutual family background that seemed to cement their friendship. Even as careers and Star Fleet pulled them apart the two have kept in contact often referring to the other as the only family they have. So shortly after his third year on 226, Neil applied and was accepted to the USS Sysco as their Assistant Chief of Diplomacy.

The Sysco gave the young Officer more to deal with, and introduce him to a great many things including his first taste in a Departmental Command position. This new-found authority was something Neil excelled at, just as he had in school, and now he wanted more. With things settling down on the Sysco, Neil soon found himself dating a member of the Security staff. However, neither Officer was able to give the budding relationship the push it needed; instead of focusing on their own careers rather than each other. While the chemistry was there, Neil couldn't bear the thought of hurting a fellow Officer. So he committed to focusing on his own career and applied for an immediate transfer to the position of Chief of Diplomacy on the newly built USS Oberon.

His first year aboard Oberon was eventful and life-changing having married fellow Officer Lucia Pineda; a Diplomatic Officer Neil had met at the Academy but never seriously dated. After six months of bantering back and forth, Neil officially asked her out on a date and the rest fell into place. The ship had allowed him to branch out and explore new opportunities. Over the next several years Neil’s life continued to change as his life advanced not only in rank but family size as well with 2388 seeing the birth of the couple’s daughter, Tess.

However, in 2389 everything changed. Assigned to a simple mission the Oberon crossed paths with a rogue Romulan vessel out to prove a name for herself and Neil Harrington’s life was forever changed. Finding most of the Command Staff dead or unable to perform their duties, Neil was thrust into the position of Executive Officer by the ship’s Commanding Officer. Driven by the goal of keeping his crew and ship together, Neil and the Oberon’s remaining staff forced their intruders off the vessel but not without heavy casualties. Neil driven by a dedication to duty was forced to put the deaths of his fellow crew on the back burner while he guided his limping ship to nearest Starbase. Hailed as heroes, the surviving members of the Oberon were debriefed and given a new ship, where Neil was permitted to keep his new position of XO. Even as the crew was attempting to move on, Neil was never able to put the events of the Oberon behind him. The loss of so many life’s many of them young Officers who had just started out has forever haunted Harrington. Realizing he could never put his family in that type of danger again, Neil started working on getting back to a station assignment.

In 2392, Neil was recognized for his work as the Executive Officer of the Oberon he was assigned as Commanding Officer of the newly rebuilt Deep Space 7, a Stardock Station. Not only did Neil have his first command, but with his family by his side and safe, he knew that this was exactly what he wanted. Even has Neil’s life is falling into place; the man still has one regret. Since joining the Academy, Neil hasn’t spoken to his parents or seen any member of his family. Deep down Neil would like to work things out, but also knows after years of unspoken silence it is almost impossible. He hoped that after he has settled into his new position aboard the Deep Space 7 he will be able to start on repairing his extended family. Since assuming command of Deep Space 7, Neil has been promoted to a full Commander. While overseeing DS7's first mission, a Diplomatic Conference on the station, Neil's wife was killed in an explosion. Going against what most expected, Neil opted to continue his command vowing not to give up on the dream that both he and his wife shared. After six months of service aboard the station, Neil was promoted to Captain and assigned to Task Force 47 under the command of Commodore David Hawkins, in the Federation's Ninth Fleet. Not long after his promotion to Captain Neil saw the return of an old friend, Greg Alein. Alein had been assigned to the station after a failed career in Star Fleet. With the recent death of his wife, Tess and Greg are truly the only family Neil has left; which has rekindled his desire to mend relationships with his parents if that is possible.

Not more than a year and a half after his assignment to the station, Neil's career took an unexpected twist with a transfer to the USS Roanoke after the Romulan attacks on Earth. With little answers, and more questions Neil took command of the Roanoke and a move to Task Force 72 in the 9th Fleet under the command of Major General MacTaryn. Sadly, less than a year under his belt as Commanding Officer of the Roanoke it was discovered that due to faulty engine upgrades the Roanoke would have to be decommissioned.

After a successful, yet classified mission to the planet Aeryan Prime, Neil was granted a permanent promotion to the rank of Commodore; following a field promotion during the Aeryan mission. Upon his return to his former home of Deep Space 7, Admiral Dorin Kulis assigned Neil to command the USS Nogura a brand-new Sovereign Class vessel. At the same time, Neil was given the additional duties of Task Group Commanding Officer over the 9th Fleet's, 72-B Task Group. Over time Neil was appointed to the Executive Officer of Task Force 72, in the 9th Fleet. After the retirement of Admiral Farragut, Neil was appointed as his placement as Task Force Commanding Officer of the 72nd Task Force, along with a promotion to Rear Admiral.

In early 2396, Neil and his family were assigned to Starbase 50. Heading up the Task Force from Poseidon Station, Neil spearheads StarFleet's Diplomatic ties within the Aquil region of space while keeping an eye on their neighbors to the north, the Breen. Sometime in 2396, Neil became engaged to his on and off again girlfriend, Adira Toril and took over guardianship of Mikky McKauley after the assumed death of his longtime friend Kenzie Skye.
Service Record 2353 - Birth
2353-2371 - Childhood
2371-2374 - University of California, Berkeley Political Science Major
2374-2376 - Accelerated program with Star Fleet Academy
2376 - Graduated, Commissioned an Lieutenant JG
2376-2379 - Assigned Starbase 226, Diplomatic Officer
2379 - Assigned USS Sysco, Assistant Chief of Diplomacy
2380 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2381 - Assigned USS Oberon, Chief of Diplomacy
2382 - Married Lucia Pineda
2388 - Birth of Daughter, Teresita Elizabeth Harrington
2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2389 - USS Oberon attacked by rogue Romulan faction.
2389 - Field Promotion to Executive Officer, USS Oberon
2392 - Assigned Commanding Officer, DS7
2392 - Promoted to Commander
2392 - Death of wife
2392 - Promoted to Captain
2393 - Assigned USS Roanoke, Commanding Officer
2394 - Assigned to the newly commissioned USS Nogura, Sovereign Class
2394 - Promoted to Commodore
2394 - Assigned Task Group Commanding Officer, 72-B, the 9th Fleet, then to TFXO in the 9th fleet, TF 72.
2395 - Assigned Task Force Commanding Officer, 72nd Task Force, 9th Fleet, promoted to Rear Admiral
2396 - Assigned Starbase 50 - Task Force Commanding Officer