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Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes

Name Gabriel Luis Reyes

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 55

Administrative Information

Data Access Level Level 6
Command Code Reyes 6 Alpha
Department Override Codes Reyes 6 Alpha Lambda
Reyes 6 Alpha Omega
Serial Number SF-2359-01749830-GR - OF972

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Greying Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description In most ways Gabe is unremarkable to look at. He has an average height and a slight athletic figure which has softened during his time away from StarFleet. His eyes are typically Betazoid and are a dark brown.

During most of his career he has been clean shaven, but he now keeps a full beard which is short and neatly trimmed. On top of his head is a neat crop of short dark hair which is slightly greying.

When in uniform his appearance is always pristine and disciplined, down to the millimetre precise placement of his comm badge. Off duty he wears relaxed but plain and simple clothes preferring plaid shirts and jeans over the newer fashions of the 24th century.


Spouse Nilani Reyes
Children Jessie Reyes
Father George Reyes
Mother Taelana Reyes
Sister(s) Clara Reyes

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unlike most Betazoids Gabe appears to be a calm and stoic person, however he does value friendships and is a compassionate person. He is known to have a quick wit and a dry sense of humour. Usually a quiet unassuming person Gabe blends well into the background.

Although analytically minded Gabe has a habbit of leaping into action. He has a sound mind for tactical planning but tends to leave his plans half formed.

Whilst Gabe used to be very subdued. He tends to express himself more these days, this is usually in small bursts when he lets his guard down. He is also known to revert back to speaking in Spanish at random intervals an old hang up from living in a multi lingual house.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Posses telepathic/empathic abilities
+A solid base in the sciences before progressing to command
+Always analyses a situation and doesn't jump straight to action
-Takes losses to heart
-Can over analyse a situation
-Gabe has been retired for over 5 years
Ambitions As a young officer in StarFleet Gabe always dreamed of charting unknown space with his own ship. He would fulfil this ambition in part prior to retirement.

Since retirement he wants to solve the mystery of Captain Dumas demise. An ambition he Hope's to fulfil now he is back in the centre chair.
Hobbies & Interests Paddle Boarding

Personal History Gabe was born the morning of December 15, 2341, and was raised on Earth in Sanfrancisco. His parents were both civilian administrators for StarFleet.

As he was growing up Gabe was read classic fairy tales by his Betazoid mother who also taught him the basics of science and astronomy. His Human father would often take him out into the bay to go paddle boarding and canoeing.

He had a dog named Dartanian that slept at the end of his bed and was his best friend for most of his early childhood.

At school he struggled to control his empathic and telepathic abilities. To remedy this he was sent to a Vulcan school.

After years of studying with Vulcan masters he not only began to excel academically but also learnt to control his emotions and abilities. He was also schooled in Kalto and Vulcan martial arts during this time.

It wasn't until Gabes early teens that he gained enough control to have a normal high school experience. After high school Gabe applied to StarFleet Academy and became the first person in his family to join StarFleet since his grandfather.

He was accepted at Starfleet Academy in the year 2359, Despite his desire to join the command track Gabe was filtered into the sciences. Not excelling in any one particular field he became a sort of 'Jack of all trades'.

In his third year Gabe was part of a training exercise conducting a planetary survey. His shuttle was caught in an electromagnetic storm and crashed on an uncharted M class planet. Including Gabe only three cadets survived the crash. Using resources from the shuttle they made a crude shelter and transmitter. They had to wait ten days for rescue.

By the end of his fourth year in the academy Gabe graduated as a general science officer with a special interest in astrophysics and anthropology.

In 2363 Gabe was assigned to the bridge of the USS Raleigh as a science officer. The ship was given a five year survey mission of uncharted space to the stellar north.

Gabe proved himself a reliable officer as he worked tirelessly cataloguing new planets and stellar bodies. After his first year aboard he was assigned the Night watch. It was Gabes first taste of command.

Upon the Raleighs return to the core of the Federation Gabe along with much of the crew were reassigned. He was stationed aboard the USS Magellan as Chief Science Officer.

In 2370 the Magellan was surveying a Volcanic world. During the mission one of the survey teams Gabe was supervising became stranded on the planet during a seismic incident. With conditions on the planet surface getting worse Gabe disobeyed orders and took a shuttle back for them. Although he saved the lives of his stranded ship mates a formal reprimand was placed on his file.

During his time on the Magellan Gabe became close to Chief Engineer Nilani Prim. The two were married by the Captain in a StarFleet ceremony.

In 2372 Gabe was assigned to the newly commissioned USS Saturn as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer. To Gabes disappointment he served in this position for less than a year.

Toward the end of the year war with the Dominion seemed inevitable. StarFleet began a mass exercise of reassigning and repurposing science officers. Gabe found himself repurposed as a tactical officer.

For the duration of the war Gabe served as Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer on the Saturn. Life aboard the Saturn was tough. They were immediately thrown into action as part of a task force that attacked and destroyed the Torros Three shipyards. From there the Saturn was sent to fend off Dominion Incursions in the Bolian sector.

When the Romulans joined the war in 2374 the Saturn was assigned to work in a joint Federation/Romulan task force. As part of this task force the Saturn participated in the liberation of Betazed and fought several other key battles. During this time Gabe made some unlikely friends in the Romulan ranks. He is still on good terms with many of the officers he befriended.

When hostilities ended Gabe wanted to return to his original passion of exploring. While discussing his ambitions at one of the victory celebrations he caught the attention of Captain Lorenzo Dumas.

In 2375 Captain Dumas requested Gabe serve as his First Officer on the USS Horizon.

Gabe looks back at his time on the Horizon as the happiest of his career. He formed a close friend/mentor relationship with Captain Dumas and Nilani was permitted to serve as Chief Engineer.

In 2383 the Horizon was charting a system close to the Romulan border when they detected a new warp signature. They located and traced a small ship back to a planet inhabited by a race called the Ventaxians.

A tentative first contact was made with the Ventaxians. Although the Ventaxians became highly suspicious of the Horizon and her crew the more they learned about the Federation.

Out of fear of invasion Captain Dumas was taken hostage by a rogue element of the Ventaxian government. Gabe successfully negotiated Captain Dumas release and opened talks for formal relations.

When word of the Ventaxian negotiations reached StarFleet it was decided that Gabe was ready for his own ship. Promoted to full Commander he was given the USS Europa.

Command was a big challenge for Gabe but one he felt ready for thanks to Captain Dumas tutelage.

In 2384 the Europa was assigned to the Romulan relief effort acting as an escort and support vessel. Gabe co-ordinated relocation efforts with the Romulan Fleets and the Federation flagship. With friends inside the Romulan empire it was a task Gabe was happy to carry out.

When relocation efforts halted in 2385 Gabe and the Europa were pulled out along with the rest of StarFleet. The Europa was reassigned to patrol the Neutral Zone and study any anomalies or ill effects of the Supernova.

In 2389 Captain Dumas was promoted to Admiral. He was given permission to conduct a limited relief effort in Romulan space. He asked for Gabe and the Europa to join his Task Group. Upon crossing the Neutral Zone Admiral Dumas ship was fired upon by unknown vessels.

Gabe took command of the Task Group and tried to protect the Admiral's flagship ship. But it was too late, the Admiral's ship was crippled and near the scuppers. Gabe ordered a retreat to Federation space even though it broke his heart to do it.

When he returned to Federation space Gabe was tormented by the loss of his former mentor. He delivered the news of the Admirals loss to his family and promptly tendered his resignation so he could spend more time with his own fledgling family.

Gabe and Nilani took their young son and daughter to the colony world of Colombia prime. There they settled into a laid back civilian life.

In 2396 Gabe was summoned back to StarFleet. Out posts along the RNZ had picked a distress signal from Admiral Dumas. In a strange twist it was addressed to Gabe. Unable to properly locate the source they asked Gabe to work with them to bring the Admiral home.

Agreeing to one last mission Gabe was given command of a Merrian class cruiser and tasked with identifying the fate of Admiral Dumas.
Service Record 2359 - 2363: StarFleet Academy - Cadet
2363 - 2368: USS Raleigh, Science Officer - Ensign to Lieutenant JG
2368 - 2372: USS Magellan, Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant
2372 - 2373: USS Saturn, Chief Science Officer and Second Officer - Lieutenant
2373 - 2375: USS Saturn, Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer - Lieutenant
2375 - 2383: USS Horizon, First Officer - Lieutenant Commander
2383 - 2390: USS Europa, Commanding Officer - Commander
2390 - 2396 --Retired on Active reserve--
2396: USS Tesla, Commanding Officer