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Congratulations Tesla - UoM January 2021

Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 @ 5:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek

It is with great pleasure I can announce we have won the Obsidian Fleet Unit of Merit for January 2021.

The following nomination was on the TF72 monthly report:

'This month was a close one. Many hours of discussion, evaluation and back and forth went into picking the right choice here. Though, when the dust settled, and the dice were cast, we finally landed on a choice for the month.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first Unit of Merit for 2021, please give a congratulations to the crew of the USS Tesla. Commander Tevek is a pillar in the community, and the quality of writing coming from the Tesla is second to none.'

All participating players will be awarded the Silver UoM ribbon. Congratulations to everyone and a massive thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to the Tesla.

The posts have been an amazing quality and alot of fun to write and read this month! I'm really glad we got the recognition for all your work.

TF72 January 2021 Report


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Category: Awards & Honourable Mentions