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OOC: Monthly Report January 2021

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 5:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek
Edited on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 5:41pm

Welcome to our report for January, who can believe the first month of 2021 is over already? I know I can't, it feels like I've only just got over my Christmas/New Years hangover and finished writing my report for December!

I usually find January is a hard month in all walks of life. The winter celebrations are largely done and everyone's back to work and reality with not much to look forward to until the spring. With that in mind the focus on the Tesla has been to regroup after the holiday, get everyone up to speed and write some joint posts to bring everyone back together as a community. We're pleased to say this has been largely successful and we come out of January in a strong position.

The Command Team were pleased to have a full manifest after Christmas seeing every crewmember return and beat their posting requirement! This means we start 2021 with a fantastic January post count of 59.7 posts. With the crew being so active it's given the command team some time to make a few changes to the sim for 2021 and implement some new features the crew have asked for. This has included our new monthly challenges, a full and accurate department count as well as a new and ambitious 'Lower Decks' section to the sim. We have also started a weekly briefing explaining the current plot, what posts are being written, any events IC and OOC and current LOAs. To help keep everyone on track.

The command team has selected our top three highlights we would like to share with you.

- Everyone is back!
We all know most sims see some drop off after New Years as people return to work and school and don't have the free time they had over the holidays. But the Tesla is pleased to report that everyone returned to full activity in January.

- Tevek Promoted to Full Commander
Our Commanding Officer has successfully hit all the requirements for promotion and been promoted to Commander. While this change has not yet been implemented in character it is coming up.

- Requested Updates are complete!
We have implemented our new monthly challenges and a 'Lower Decks' style post thread and manifest. We have also compiled a post order, challenge tracker and made a start on a full crew manifest. These changes that have been asked for by our crew and we are happy to deliver them.

We got off to a good start in January, a start that any command team can be proud of! But we promise to keep the Tesla evolving and improving over the course of 2021. There are some small cosmetic and layout changes to make on our website to complete the re-brand started last year. We will also be finishing a 100% Background manifest for the Tesla. The command team are constantly listening to what our crew want from the sim and if they request any workable updates we will add them as soon as is feasible.

Officers Merit

This month our crew have selected Nic (Tozavel Prex), Steve (Sunni Conlon) and Will (Illum Vigil) for this award with the following nominations:

Nic -Such a joyful addition to the crew, the stumbling bumbling pilot has been a very entertaining read and fun to work with.

Steve -Steve has shown a consist will to participate and keep others in the sim engaged. His idea for the post 'Office Hours' was a great one and has led to character development for not only his character but others as well..

Will -He has jumped in head first and is doing a great job.

Captains Merit

It was a tie this month for Captains Merit. There have been two players who I feel have earned a little recognition for different reasons. This month I have picked Quill (Tod Dratt) and Matt (Remmy Halstein)

Quill joined the Tesla mid December when we were deep into a mission that had tonnes of character development and was moving at pace! He has managed to seamlessly slip his character into the story and has tried his best to contribute under hard circumstances. It's taken a bit of time and effort to get him caught up. But I'm glad we did and look forward to more contributions from him.

Matt is a player I've known for a while and has been a good addition to the team here. He consistently posts and keeps up with the story while running his own sim(s). If you give him a creative inch he is capable of going a mile. There's been a lot of science and engineering moments in our current mission but in the times Matt has been called on to act his security chief has been an excellent tactical addition.

Post Spotlight Award
Every month we like to award that one stand out post from the sim. This month we asked Becca from the Fleet Council to be our celebrity guest judge. She picked 'A freak accident!' Written by our CO Ian using his PNPC Asst Chief Medical Officer John Fox.

Library Excellence Ribbon
Steve consistently writes posts that are clear and easy to read. They are always well presented and technically very good, applying the correct language and treknobabble!

Challenge Commendation: Bronze
To earn this award our players must have posted 2,000 words.

Will (Illum Vigil)

Kyle (Alek Jeager)

Challenge Commendation: Gold
To earn this award our players must have posted 5,000 words, completed one of our monthly themed posts and posted from the perspective of an NPC.

Ian (Tevek)

Steve (Sunni Conlon)

Tevek Commanding Officer
Illum Vigil First Officer/Chief Science Officer
Alek Jaeger - Principle Support Officer
Tozavel Prex - Chief Flight Control Officer
Tod Dratt - Chief Operations Officer
Remmy Halstein Chief of Security
Sunita Conlon - Chief Engineer

Open - Chief Medical Officer

Q The Music

Pulled from an assignment with Starfleet Intelligence, Lt Commander Tevek is ordered to Esquimalt station near the Cardassian border. Once he arrives he is met by Lt Illum Vigil the ships Executive Officer, the two have a brief meeting and get off to a rocky start.

Whilst patrolling the Neutral Zone and dealing with the effects of deadly antimatter radiation Q hints that Humanity may be in for a teachable moment and begins preparing the crew.

But the crew of the Tesla remain focused on their mission as they receive a distress call from the USS pasteur. With evidence the Pasteur may have came under attack and Q's antics reaching a head the situation remains perilous for the Tesla

Sunni Conlon

Our Chief Engineer. Her first time on a starship that isn't docked or under construction. She brings with her a bright mind and curious personality while carrying the scars of a sombre past.

'A Freak Accident' By Lieutenant JG John Fox (PNPC)
Bittersweet vapours of sugary black coffee rose in thin whisps of steam from John's standard issue Starfleet mug. He breathed them in deeply and took a large satisfying gulp. For him drinking coffee was like a form of meditation but today it just wasn't doing its job.

After a double shift he was getting weary, not to mention frustrated. 'Upset stomachs, nausea, vomiting. Why does radiation poisoning sound like the result of a three day bender on Romulan Ale.' He thought to himself as he reclined in the office chair and kicked his feet up onto the desk.


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