Welcome Aboard the Tesla

"To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions." - Nikola Tesla

Welcome aboard the USS Tesla the only Merian class starship proudly serving in Obsidian Fleet.

Named for Human scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, her class was built as the first vessels to use the Quantum Slipstream Drive en masse. With trials of the Merian class and the Quantum Drive eventually proving successful the Tesla was built for the 9th Fleet and assigned to Task Force 72 as a rapid response vessel. Built to be first on the scene to any situation whether it be scientific, humanitarian or combat the Tesla is equipped with some of the most advanced technology and facilities of any starship in the fleet.

We're always on the lookout for able hands to join our crew. Whether you're fresh out of the Academy or a seasoned veteran we have a place for you. We have an inclusive community where everyone is welcome regardless of ability, gender, race or culture. If you would like to stop by for a chat you can join us on Discord.

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» Life On Patrol - An Insiders View

Posted on Sat Feb 6th, 2021 @ 4:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek in Federation News Network

Good morning Federation Folks, I'm no stranger it's reporter Rick Astley here bringing you the latest news and views from the developing crisis along the Romulan border.

In my last report I bought you word of the radiation crisis causing huge humanitarian problems for colonies along the Romulan border. I also spoke to the Starfleet Captain leading evacuation and support efforts who assured us everything will be fine.

But weeks later the radiation spikes higher as reports of missing ships, military patrols and raids from unidentified vessels begin to flood in. While Starfleet has not been able to substantiate any of these claims they have given me unrestricted comms time with the crew of the USS Tesla!

Currently patrolling the Federation/Romulan border the Tesla has been on hand to protect our interests while investigating the cause of the radiation build up.

I was hoping to speak to the senior staff, but unfortunately they have been preoccupied by a queue? I don't know what they're queuing up for but it better be good to miss speaking to this reporter! I have however managed to speak to some of the junior officers who really have their fingers on the pulse of life onboard the Tesla.

I first heard from sickbay where I spoke to Doctor John Fox.

RA: "Doctor I suppose this crisis is keeping you busy. So thank you for your time! Can you tell me how the crew's health is holding up?"

JF: "Well Rebecca."

RA: "It's Rick."

JF: "Whatever! Listen Rita it's been rough. Nothing but upset stomachs and headaches. It's like the whole crew has been on a three week bender with the best Romulan ale that latinum can buy."

RA: "That sounds nauseating, is there anything else you can share about the crisis?"

JF: "There is but I haven't had my coffee yet and I just really don't want to, I mean no offence but speaking to the press is just the worst."

Following on from Doctor Fox's interesting interview I got to speak to Warrant Officer Nahia Sendoa, a member of the Teslas engineering team.

RA: "I understand your Chief Engineer has really helped keep the Tesla safe while she's been on patrol. Can you tell me what she's like?

NS: "She's cute, but dumb... you're not going to use that, are you?"

RA: "OF course not!"

Lastly I got to speak to security team leaders Bess Tillman and Mike Roache. It was my comms time with them that was the most revealing.

RA: "Being in security I guess you guys see all the action am I right?

BT: "Not really...mostly we just walk around swapping dirty jokes."

MR: "Apart from that night we saw the Captain tackle that guy naked! That was weird right?"

BT: "He wasn't naked, he was in his underwear!"

RA: "Is it normal to see your Commanding Officer wrestle with people in just their briefs?

MR: "I dont know."

BT: "Probably?"

So there you have it folks, a slice in the life of Starfleet's finest. Although if you ask this reporter Starfleet seems to have lost its shine and luster these days. Should we really be trusting our lives to these men and women? Is Starfleet still the paragon of virtue and courage we remember from days gone by?

I leave that for you to decide. Never giving news up or letting you down. This is reporter Rick Astley signing off.

While we have your attention, why not stop by the Tesla and check out our adventures first hand.

» Congratulations Tesla - UoM January 2021

Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 @ 5:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek in Awards & Honourable Mentions

It is with great pleasure I can announce we have won the Obsidian Fleet Unit of Merit for January 2021.

The following nomination was on the TF72 monthly report:

'This month was a close one. Many hours of discussion, evaluation and back and forth went into picking the right choice here. Though, when the dust settled, and the dice were cast, we finally landed on a choice for the month.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first Unit of Merit for 2021, please give a congratulations to the crew of the USS Tesla. Commander Tevek is a pillar in the community, and the quality of writing coming from the Tesla is second to none.'

All participating players will be awarded the Silver UoM ribbon. Congratulations to everyone and a massive thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to the Tesla.

The posts have been an amazing quality and alot of fun to write and read this month! I'm really glad we got the recognition for all your work.

TF72 January 2021 Report

» Congratulations Tesla - Gold UoM Q4 2020

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2021 @ 8:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek in Awards & Honourable Mentions

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the crew of this ship for being awarded the Gold Unit of Merit for Quarter 4 in 2020.

To earn this award is a real testament to the fun, work and dedication the crew being to this sim with their posts and the community we created.

As a Fleet level award it is a huge achievement! With it being awarded every quarter it is an even bigger achievement, one we should all be proud of.

To celebrate everyone on the crew has been issued a ribbon as thanks.

I would also like to extend our congratulations to the USS Elysium who tied with us last quarter and also won a Gold Unit of Merit.

» OOC: Monthly Report January 2021

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 5:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek in Obsidian Fleet Reports

Welcome to our report for January, who can believe the first month of 2021 is over already? I know I can't, it feels like I've only just got over my Christmas/New Years hangover and finished writing my report for December!

I usually find January is a hard month in all walks of life. The winter celebrations are largely done and everyone's back to work and reality with not much to look forward to until the spring. With that in mind the focus on the Tesla has been to regroup after the holiday, get everyone up to speed and write some joint posts to bring everyone back together as a community. We're pleased to say this has been largely successful and we come out of January in a strong position.

The Command Team were pleased to have a full manifest after Christmas seeing every crewmember return and beat their posting requirement! This means we start 2021 with a fantastic January post count of 59.7 posts. With the crew being so active it's given the command team some time to make a few changes to the sim for 2021 and implement some new features the crew have asked for. This has included our new monthly challenges, a full and accurate department count as well as a new and ambitious 'Lower Decks' section to the sim. We have also started a weekly briefing explaining the current plot, what posts are being written, any events IC and OOC and current LOAs. To help keep everyone on track.

The command team has selected our top three highlights we would like to share with you.

- Everyone is back!
We all know most sims see some drop off after New Years as people return to work and school and don't have the free time they had over the holidays. But the Tesla is pleased to report that everyone returned to full activity in January.

- Tevek Promoted to Full Commander
Our Commanding Officer has successfully hit all the requirements for promotion and been promoted to Commander. While this change has not yet been implemented in character it is coming up.

- Requested Updates are complete!
We have implemented our new monthly challenges and a 'Lower Decks' style post thread and manifest. We have also compiled a post order, challenge tracker and made a start on a full crew manifest. These changes that have been asked for by our crew and we are happy to deliver them.

We got off to a good start in January, a start that any command team can be proud of! But we promise to keep the Tesla evolving and improving over the course of 2021. There are some small cosmetic and layout changes to make on our website to complete the re-brand started last year. We will also be finishing a 100% Background manifest for the Tesla. The command team are constantly listening to what our crew want from the sim and if they request any workable updates we will add them as soon as is feasible.

Officers Merit

This month our crew have selected Nic (Tozavel Prex), Steve (Sunni Conlon) and Will (Illum Vigil) for this award with the following nominations:

Nic -Such a joyful addition to the crew, the stumbling bumbling pilot has been a very entertaining read and fun to work with.

Steve -Steve has shown a consist will to participate and keep others in the sim engaged. His idea for the post 'Office Hours' was a great one and has led to character development for not only his character but others as well..

Will -He has jumped in head first and is doing a great job.

Captains Merit

It was a tie this month for Captains Merit. There have been two players who I feel have earned a little recognition for different reasons. This month I have picked Quill (Tod Dratt) and Matt (Remmy Halstein)

Quill joined the Tesla mid December when we were deep into a mission that had tonnes of character development and was moving at pace! He has managed to seamlessly slip his character into the story and has tried his best to contribute under hard circumstances. It's taken a bit of time and effort to get him caught up. But I'm glad we did and look forward to more contributions from him.

Matt is a player I've known for a while and has been a good addition to the team here. He consistently posts and keeps up with the story while running his own sim(s). If you give him a creative inch he is capable of going a mile. There's been a lot of science and engineering moments in our current mission but in the times Matt has been called on to act his security chief has been an excellent tactical addition.

Post Spotlight Award
Every month we like to award that one stand out post from the sim. This month we asked Becca from the Fleet Council to be our celebrity guest judge. She picked 'A freak accident!' Written by our CO Ian using his PNPC Asst Chief Medical Officer John Fox.

Library Excellence Ribbon
Steve consistently writes posts that are clear and easy to read. They are always well presented and technically very good, applying the correct language and treknobabble!

Challenge Commendation: Bronze
To earn this award our players must have posted 2,000 words.

Will (Illum Vigil)

Kyle (Alek Jeager)

Challenge Commendation: Gold
To earn this award our players must have posted 5,000 words, completed one of our monthly themed posts and posted from the perspective of an NPC.

Ian (Tevek)

Steve (Sunni Conlon)

Tevek Commanding Officer
Illum Vigil First Officer/Chief Science Officer
Alek Jaeger - Principle Support Officer
Tozavel Prex - Chief Flight Control Officer
Tod Dratt - Chief Operations Officer
Remmy Halstein Chief of Security
Sunita Conlon - Chief Engineer

Open - Chief Medical Officer

Q The Music

Pulled from an assignment with Starfleet Intelligence, Lt Commander Tevek is ordered to Esquimalt station near the Cardassian border. Once he arrives he is met by Lt Illum Vigil the ships Executive Officer, the two have a brief meeting and get off to a rocky start.

Whilst patrolling the Neutral Zone and dealing with the effects of deadly antimatter radiation Q hints that Humanity may be in for a teachable moment and begins preparing the crew.

But the crew of the Tesla remain focused on their mission as they receive a distress call from the USS pasteur. With evidence the Pasteur may have came under attack and Q's antics reaching a head the situation remains perilous for the Tesla

Sunni Conlon

Our Chief Engineer. Her first time on a starship that isn't docked or under construction. She brings with her a bright mind and curious personality while carrying the scars of a sombre past.

'A Freak Accident' By Lieutenant JG John Fox (PNPC)
Bittersweet vapours of sugary black coffee rose in thin whisps of steam from John's standard issue Starfleet mug. He breathed them in deeply and took a large satisfying gulp. For him drinking coffee was like a form of meditation but today it just wasn't doing its job.

After a double shift he was getting weary, not to mention frustrated. 'Upset stomachs, nausea, vomiting. Why does radiation poisoning sound like the result of a three day bender on Romulan Ale.' He thought to himself as he reclined in the office chair and kicked his feet up onto the desk.

» OOC: Monthly Report December 2020

Posted on Sun Dec 27th, 2020 @ 2:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek in Obsidian Fleet Reports

Welcome to our report for December! Both myself and the team here can't believe another month has gone, another festive season is nearly over and another year is nearly done, and what a year it has been! As we look ahead to 2021 both myself and the crew would like to wish everyone a happy new year with good times ahead in the company of friends and loved ones.

Last month the Tesla began a process of restructuring and rebooting, we needed to change as a game and we did change! From the end of October to the end of November we had a very successful month and even won the UoM. That success has been a massive morale booster to both the command team and players, but it also gave us a solid foundation to build on. We have continued to build on this early success with the recruitment of no less than three new players, a new addition to our command team and we solidified our new sim structure and culture with the publishing of our player charter.

December is usually a hard month for posting and activity so in recognition of this we lifted our posting requirements so everyone had that much needed holiday flexibility! We achieved 60.5 posts this month which is nearly double last month's post count. Not only have our figures gone up, but the quality has too, every crew member has really committed to their posts and we've had some great character development and entertaining reads.

Like our last report there are a lot of positives we can carry forward into the new year. However I've selected our top three.

- Kyle has joined the command team as second officer. I've known Kyle since the first incarnation of the Tesla. He's a good writer who is sociable and has a real drive to develop and make the sim better. With his eyes set on command we were happy to offer him a taster of command here before he applies for his own sim.

- We enjoyed some festive posting challenges. December can be a hard month to post. So to try and keep the creativity going I set some posting challenges with a festive theme. The uptake on these challenges was amazing with great discussions and support to complete them as well as some great posts. There were ribbons on offer to those who have completed the challenges and some of these will be announced below.

- Our first mission is drawing to a close. Our first mission needed to be something that caught imaginations, lifted spirits and was above all fun. It saw the introduction of our own unique brand of Q as well as other new characters. It's been an easy mission to post for but is now nearing a close. After getting input from the crew and command team a new 'Back to the Future' style mission plan is complete. So break out those fishnet tights and neon leg warmers as the Tesla prepares to do the time warp back to the 1980's!

The future is looking good for the Tesla. With the start of the new year I am optimistic but I know we still have much to do. The command team will continue to drive posting while keeping up the quality and momentum from November and December. The crew have also asked for more posting challenges moving forward which I am currently looking at as well as shaking up our reward and recognition scheme. It is also my hope to get the players more involved with the fleet as a whole by submitting their own news and items to comms as well as participating in the fleet Discord. But right now the future is bright, the future is Tesla!

Our first celebration is Kyles promotion to Second Officer. While not a promotion in rank it is a well earned move into the command team. This has seen a switch in characters as Marine Captain Thoran Shon is switched to a PNPC and Lieutenant Alek Jaeger becomes his primary character.

This month we had some issues with the polling for this award. However I received a written nomination for Steve who plays our Chief Engineer Suni Conlon: "He's hit the ground running, his writing is easy to follow. I don't normally like reading engineering posts but I enjoy his."

For the Captains Merit this month I have nominated Nic who plays Ensign Tozavel Prex our Chief Flight Control Officer. New to the Tesla and text based RPGs Nic has talked to the crew on Discord and tried his best to catch up on our story and get involved. I'm looking forward to having more time in future to help Nic develop.

This month we had a really hard time choosing that one stand out post for the report, there were just so many good ones to choose from! But we narrowed it down to two with the help of Becca from the Fleet Council. This month the award goes to Steve and Matt for their posts 'Dark over Light' and 'The only True Christmas Movie'.

This is the first time this award has been given on this sim. But Steve has really earned it! Since coming aboard his character Lt. Conlon has seamlessly joined in with the story and he has produced a good number of great quality posts that are easy to read .

Rob is a player who had a bit of a slow start on the Tesla but has really put a lot of work into the sim this month. He's fully engaged with the Christmas challenges asked the right questions and embraced change in the best way he could.

This month I would like to issue the Good Conduct Award to both my Executive and Second Officer. Both of them have worked hard and equipped themselves well in their roles, they have made the Tesla easier to manage and acted as both my concience and the devil on my shoulder in our development talks.

With December being a hard month for posting I thought it would be a nice idea to reward the crew for their work over the festive period. With this in mind the 'Christmas Decoration' is awarded to all crew members conrtibuting at least 1,000 words before the end of December. Feeling the Christmas spirit I have decided to extend this award to all crew who have posted! We had two late joiners in December who are currently in JP's so may well hit the target. But even if they dont they are valued members of our team and I would love for them to share in our success!

The Christmas Carol Commendation I think has been one of the harder awards to earn on the Tesla. It involved players working some festive magic into their posts for our current mission which had nothing to do with Christmas! But the following players have pulled it off and earned this award: Ian/Lt Cmdr Tevek, Matt/ Ens Remmy Halstein, Quill/Ens Todd Dratt, Steve/Lt Sunni Conlon and Rob/Lt. Tesha.

The Christmas Medal of Honor is an award for players who can hit 12 posts in December. It was an award created to challenge the players to stretch themselves. So far I am pleased to say the following players have achieved this award: Ian/Lt Cdr Tevek, Steve/Lt Sunni Conlon and Rob/Lt Tesha.

TevekCommanding Officer
Illum Vigil First Officer/Chief Science Officer
Alek Jaeger - Principle Support Officer
Tozavel Prex - Chief Flight Control Officer
Tod Dratt
Remmy Halstein Chief of Security
Sunita Conlon - Chief Engineer
Tesha Chief Medical Officer
Open - Counselor

 The only senior staff position currently open is Ships Counselor. If this changes we will of course post a notification on the fleet Discord. Some of our Department Heads have shown an interest in having an assistant or enlisted crewmember to work with. Please check out our website for available positions.

Q The Music


With a build up of strange accidents, randomn occurences of christmas cheer and unusual appearances of an enigmatic figure Commander Tevek finds himself instantaneously transported across the quadrant to the USS Eagle.

Working with the Eagles Commanding Officer Ajani Carter the pieces start falling in to place and it becomes evident that a Q has taken interest in the Tesla. To confirm these suspicions Tevek puts his crew on alert and begins to investigate the possibility of a Q being aboard.

His suspicions are provde correct as one of the Q reveals themselves in a potentially deadly encounter with Tevek and Illum in the science lab. Q also caused Vikings to nearly over run security and marine forces near the cargo bay. While his true motives for being on the Tesla remain unclear, Q eventually promises to behave and the Tesla is free to carry on with its patrol mission.

But as the Tesla embarks on its first patrol of the former RNZ theta radiation levels continue to increase. The ongoing threat that is engulfing the border starts to have a detrimental effect on the ship while Q sits back and watches events unfold.

Remmy Halstein

Fresh out of the academy and embarking on his first front line posting Ensign Halstein is our big, strong Nordic Chief of Security and defender of the Tesla.

'Dark Over Light' By Sunni Conlon

It had taken Suni some time to finally find her quarters, having to ask directions from no fewer than three enlisted crew members after the computer seemed to be repeating itself in directing her to walk through walls. All the while she continued to yawn up a storm and haul her luggage around the hallways and turbolifts.

She found her room on deck 4, a little far from the mess but equidistant to the gym, and conveniently close to the holodeck. She was as close to engineering as they would let an officer sleep, which at least was a compromise. She pressed the keypad and was let into the room that would be her inner sanctum for the foreseeable future.

It was simple but it was plenty for now, and she could get it there without too much effort. She locked the door behind her and dropped her things on the floor. She quickly kicked off her boots and unzipped her jacket, flinging it haphazardly onto a chair. She moved toward the bed while simultaneously trying to get out of her pants and flopped onto the bed with them only partially lowered.

The bed was harder than she liked, definitely something to address in the future. She struggled with the pants and eventually managed to kick them off the end of the bed. She clawed the blankets over her and pulled a pillow to her head before immediately starting to drift away.

There was a bright flash. She groaned.

'The Only True Christmas Movie' By Remmy Halstein
Remmy, after dealing with the Orks... Or at least thats what someone on his staff has called them, decided that a nice festive movie night. Die Hard was a classic from Earth 20th century, he had watched this film every year with his parents and when he went off to the academy he had continued the tradition. This year, on his first posting he, was intending to continue to do so.

He ordered the toffee popcorn and hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows from the replicator. He called for the computer to make a holoscreen on the wall before the sofa and to queue up the first Die Hard movie in the original 2D format. Of course he did concede that it needed to be in high definition. Modern computer imaging technology really did give him the chance enhance his films. This would be the first time he would get to watch this one, his family had always watched the 3D version but there was something to be said for a 2D screen.

He dimmed the lights as he carried his snacks to the sofa, as he sat down instead of his bum hitting the firm but giving standard issue starfleet sofa he rested his weight upon a softer chair with arms. He frowned and looked around, all about him were people, human's in odd clothing. Very suspicious now he allowed his eyes to adjust and was kinda shocked to find himself in a movie theater, the large screen at the front was showing... he struggled for the word, advertisements?

Latest Mission Posts

» General Order 2005

Mission: Q The Music!
Posted on Thu Feb 18th, 2021 @ 3:39am by

Thoran watched as the members of the away team dematerialized in a brilliant shimmer of light leaving behind the marines that were not injured in the withdrawal back to the beam in site. He turned back to his men who had been manning the corridors to the location. He could…

» Trial by Combat

Mission: Q The Music!
Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek

From the back of the bridge golden sparks rained from one of the bulkheads and white smoke plumed from the ceiling. Since Tevek gave the Malon his ultimatum they had wasted no time responding with a hail of torpedoes and spatial charges.

The Tesla rumbled as on the main viewer…

» Take your best shot, We're about to interfere!

Mission: Q The Music!
Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Tevek

The bridge was quiet, apart from the sounds of the consoles and a muted chatter between some stations there was an eerie feeling of anticipation on deck. Ensign Dratt had left to help in the transporter room leaving yet another Ensign in command. Having one young officer take the conn…

» Tanner You're An Idiot!

Mission: The Lower Decks
Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 5:44pm by

The cool blue and silver decks of the Tesla pulsated with a red glow from the alert sirens. Like two all American heroes from a comic book or a movie Bess Tillman and Beau Tanner ran down the corridor, their boots made a rapid clunking sound as they pounded against…

» Exfil, Pursued by a Blast

Mission: Q The Music!
Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 3:29pm by Lieutenant JG John Fox MD

Both away teams had converged at a four-way junction in the corridors. While the area was relatively unscathed it still showed scorch marks on the bulkheads and the vile smell of burnt chemicals still hung on the air.

Although the exfiltration point was conveniently free of debris and relatively open…