"To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions." - Nikola Tesla

Welcome aboard the USS Tesla the only Merian class starship proudly serving in Obsidian Fleet.

Named for Human scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, her class was built as the first vessels to use Quantum Slipstream Drive en masse. With trials of the Merian class and the Quantum Drive eventually proving successful the Tesla was built for StarFleets 9th Fleet and assigned to Task Force 72 as a rapid response vessel.

As one of the fastest ships in the fleet the Tesla is the first responder to any distress call or any crisis within Federation territory and beyond. Equipped with the latest technology, including Emergency Holograms and a specialist Marine Force she is ready for anything.

So if you're stranded on an Alien world, struggling to escape a black hole or under attack from an unknown force the Tesla will be first on the scene to save you.

We're always on the lookout for able hands to join our crew. Whether you're fresh out of the Academy or a seasoned veteran we have a place for you.

We have an inclusive community where everyone is welcome regardless of ability, gender, race or culture. If you would like to stop by for a chat you can join us on Discord.

This RPG is rated PG13.
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Latest News Items

» Welcome Aboard

Posted on Wed Aug 5th, 2020 @ 9:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes in General News

While I have already introduced him on Discord I would like to share the arrival of our newest member.

Please join me in welcoming aboard Ensign Ethan Brash our Chief of Operations who will be played by William.

I'm confident his character will be a great addition to the Tesla and we're pleased to have him in our group.

Congratulations on your posting and I hope you enjoy your time with us.




Gabriel Reyes
Commanding Officer

» Obsidian Fleet Monthly Report July 2020

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 3:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes in General News

Every month Commanding Officers in Obsidian Fleet are required to submit a monthly report. This is mine for the USS tesla.




Commanding Officer Gabriel Reyes

Sim Updates
Having recently took command of the Tesla I'm pleased to say this is my first report.

Being our first month I could flood this section with updates about creating the Tesla's website and Discord. But instead I'd just like to say how much fun it has been starting this sim and give a high level over view.

The Tesla is currently a Nova sim and has a customised website built. All sections of the website contain full and working content. I have created customised awards and graphics and prepopulated the sim with an NPC cast of holographic crewmembers. This has been both challenging and entertaining.

Recruitment has now started and i'm pleased to say the Tesla swiftly gained her first crewmember and talks are ongoing with other players looking to join.

Our shakedown, 'getting to know you' mission is coming along nicely with a solid starting number of posts. It is a great point for new players to join and i would like to encourage anyone who's interested in joining us to do so now! A sim spotlight has been submitted to comms for review and posting to the fleet main page and a fleet news item is being writte . Ongoing recruitment on Discord is continuing.

Crew Updates
Receuited our Chief Flight Control Officer - Ensign Karl Scheer

Ongoing discussion with a player for position of Chief Operations Officer

Story Elements
The Tesla is currently docked at Starbase 50 for crew assignments. Commanding Officer Gabriel Reyes has just came aboard after meeting Ensign Karl Scheer on the shuttle ride over.

Other Information
I would like to give an honorable mention to my fellow CO Tan'ato Tejera from the USS Nightingale who authored a joint post with me for our shakedown. I would also like to say a special thanks to the other TF72 CO's who have made me feel so welcome and provided great feedback on the Tesla's website and future development.

» Major change - Personal Logs

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 1:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes in Website Update

After some discussion in the Fleet it was decided a Nova mod for word counts will not be made for Personal Logs. During the course of this conversation is also came to light that when Nova updates to version 3 it will no longer support the personal log function.

I have spent some time this morning making changes to the Teslas website to accommodate the word counts for Obsidian Fleet and the removal of the personal log function.

Personal Logs can still be made if you wish to write them for your character. If you would like to make a personal log these are now posted in the current mission threads. An update has been made to our posting guide to help with formating and styling.

(Posting guide can be found here.)

As part of this update some posts have been moved around and/or reposted. The original content of these posts has been left intact.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while I updated everything and future proofed our posts.

Kind Regards



Gabriel Reyes
Commanding Officer

» Welcome Aboard

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 2:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes in General News

The Tesl would like to officially welcome Ensign Karl Scheer to the sim.

Ensigh Scheer's writer Kyle is back from is rejoining Obsidian Fleet after a long hiatus to serve as our Chief Flught Control Officer.

But not only is Karl Scheer of number one helmsman but he's also the first person to join the Tesla.

Congratulations and good luck with your posting Kyle.

I look forward to writing with you.



» Automatic Post Count

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2020 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes in General News

Hi Everyone,

Obsidian Fleet has made an update to their general terms for posts. The Fleet Council has agreed that every 500 words makes a single post. Which is great news for everyone that enjoys writing detailed posts (myself included).

So in the new post counting world if you submit a post that is 2,000 words long (excluding signatures) it will now count as four posts. To take the admin headache out of the equation for both players and CO's Obsidian Fleet has created a modification for Nova that will count your words for you when you submit your post.

I have installed this today and tested it. I'm pleased to say it works brilliantly!

The only downside is it does not count the words for personal logs. As a CO I like to count personal logs as posts, because they can take as much effort to write as a mission post and can be used to move the plot forward where needed. When doing a personal log please do a manual word count and add it on to the end of your post. This will enable me to count your personal logs towards your overall post count. I will ask Obsidian Fleet if a mod for this is in development or can be made.

I hope this all makes sense but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me on Discord.




Gabriel Reyes
Commanding Officer

Latest Mission Posts

» Rough Night

Mission: Shake Down
Posted on Wed Aug 5th, 2020 @ 12:15am by Ensign Karl Scheer

The door swooshed open in front of Karl as he made his way onto the deck of the training shuttle. This was it, his final exam before graduation. The last four years had led upto this. As he took the pilot's station in the left, he began his preflight check…

» Facing The Brass

Mission: Shake Down
Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 5:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes

The bridge of the USS Tesla was an impressive sight. Almost dome shaped it was crafted out of cool blue metal. The consoles had sweeping curved lines and the CO's chair was chunky and robust. The room was warmly lit and not only were the consoles all illuminated with the…

» A Bumpy Ride

Mission: Shake Down
Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 12:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes & Ensign Karl Scheer

The solid metal doors to the shuttlebay opened with a heavy mechanical hiss as they unlocked and slid slowly apart. Like most of the ship it was eerily quiet with minimal crew members. The crew that were on deck paid no attention as Gabe strode in with his standard issue…

» Personal Log - A Strange Voyage

Mission: Shake Down
Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 12:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes

Personal Log Lt. Commander Gabriel Reyes recording. It has been a couple of days since I've come aboard the USS Nemesis for transit to Starbase 50. As much as it pains me to admit it I am still at a loss as to why StarFleet have recalled me to active…

» Totally A Recall

Mission: Shake Down
Posted on Mon Jul 13th, 2020 @ 7:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Reyes

The colony of Colombia Prime was a beautiful and peaceful place. Covered in deep blue lakes and thick green forests filled with wildflowers, it was the perfect place to escape modern life. Ultimately that's why Gabe chose to retire there. With only a few cities and a couple of spaceports,…